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gym progress

Posted by alexandra_k on May 10, 2021, at 21:11:55

so... around this time last year i joined a gym with the goals of core development and losing some flab.

i'd been finding, progressively, that squats were mostly okay... and sometimes... very much not okay. i'd tweak my back. sort of... not quite hit the right position or something. not holding myself properly or something.

i joined a gym that has lots of really good group fitness classes. they have core classes. because i'm not going to do core work myself. to start with i couldn't feel my anterior core at all. it's taken about a year, now... but i'm getting good activation, finally. not quite getting activation on some of the one-sided or rotational stuff, yet. but just starting to...

i've recently realised it's because i've been in anterior pelvic tilt since... forever. since puberty, at least. worse... i sleep in anterior pelvic tilt. sort of on my side with my belly pushing forwards with gravity. it has been since i've been very young. i distinctly remember when i was about 11 or 12 or 13 becoming very self concious that my belly seemed to protrude in ways other people's did not. and i wasn't pudgey at all back then. so it was something else... and i didn't understand what it was. i mean, i got that 'suck your belly in' sort of altered the appearance a bit. but i didn't know it was about actually rotating my pelvis and holding it in that new position naturally.

so it's work to foam roll the erectors to relax... and then activate... and then strengthen the anterior portion. it feels like... it feels like... there are muscles running along the anterior portion of the spine... to push the spine back... i don't know...

progress on flab isn't going so well. beer keeps me companhy while i do horrible law work that i hate because nobody does their job if they are paid over about 100,000 in nz. seems to me.




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