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Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid

Posted by alexandra_k on April 12, 2021, at 23:08:14

In reply to Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid, posted by Lamdage22 on March 28, 2021, at 0:24:21

> Yeah, it is a bit different. Psychoactive in a different way from most other drugs. You can totally binge on cigarettes while you are working. And there is no drug induced psychosis either at high doses. It seems you can work well on stimulants, but if you overdo it, you are likely to lose your mind and thus not be able to work. Not so with nicotine.

Yeah. Nicotine seems to be self-limiting at high doses. You feel nauseous or headachy. Lose the desire to imbibe more. That's relatively mild symptoms of toxicity compared to other things (paranoia etc).

> And yeah, Heroin, THC... I would say there is a tendency to not get anything done.


> I'm not suggesting that anyone should start with nicotine, of course, but yeah, if you already started it would be good if you can get it without all the chemicals that combustion produces.

Yeah, I do hear you on that. Quitting smoking cigarettes was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I ever did my whole life. I didn't think I would ever be able to do it. Then someone said that they knew someone (though maybe this was made-up the idea of it seemed sound to me) to simply replace cigarettes with gum. As in... Chop the gum into small enough pieces so that I should nibble on a tiny piece of gum instead of having a cigarette any and every time I really wanted a cigarette. So direct substitution. And I thought I idea seemed sound. Maybe I could do that. So I tried...

ANd the reality of the gum didn't work out for me. It takes some munching before absorption... And coffee inhibits absorption. Also the gum gave me digestive upset that the cigarettes didn't...

But I was able to (eventually) quit with the help of the gum. If vaping had have been more advanced then I likely would have tried to substitute with vaping.

I was surprised that shifting to the gum made things bearable -- just. But I was surprised the gum didn't make things easier. I think that tells me there were more addictive things in cigarette smoke than simply nicotine.

> Many if not most people will not stop using Nicotine. So I argue they should at least get it in a safe way.

There is actually some evidence that nicotine (not smoke) is protective against alzheimers and parkinsons. I think there were even studies done on giving non-smokers nicotine to help prevent alzherimers and parkinsons. Nicotine seems to be okay for people.

> Because Vaping includes inhaling, it works better than nicotine lozenges or patches or whatever. Somehow the addiction is linked to the act of inhaling.

Yeah. Or sublingual absorption. Or maybe absorption via the oropharynx... The nasal neurones... Maybe even...




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