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Re: question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass

Posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 18:33:19

In reply to Re: question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass, posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 17:58:35

i think they are just saying about the vaccine passports so they can see whose grubby little eyes lights up.

new zealand's grubby little eyes lit up as people thought that they could introduce these and use them to really entrench a ruling elite with immunity (to ALL THE THINGS, obviously) and denial of everyone else's rights.

you see their grubby little eyes light up.

you can actually see it.

apparently it's an ethics issue. but it isn't. it's a criminal issue.

for international jurisdiction because we don't have a justice system insofar as i have seen yet...

i am remembering the day i sat in on the court of appeal. with the husband and wife team (same last name totally blatant) where they were appearing for different sides. the case was about an international criminal and millions of dollars that had been held up in swiss bank but international community was wondering about why none of the funds had been held up in new zealand.

they were asking for details as to who was testifying / doing the investigation from Texas. there was concern not to release the details because of concern about attempts to tamper with the witness or whack the witness or whatever...

but during these times of Covid...

i suppose the husband - wife team were likely both working from home.

i think it is implausible to think that the wife wasn't able to access the government documents from her husbands file.

i mean... i am a person with integrity.

but i know they are not. he said my case didn't have any merits. he held things up for months. then when i instructed him to proceed anyway he said he couldn't becasue he had a conflict and his wife worked for their firm.

i emailed the court of appeal expressing concern about the conflict in the court of appeal case.

they dismissed me.

they don't even try and pretend to be workign in teh interests of justice. they didn't even try and pretend to care about teh appearance of justice.

i mean it isn't about appearances.

but that's the reality of things in new zealand.

how blatant they are about how they refuse to do any of teh things they are supposed to do. how blatantly corrupt things are here.




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