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Re: question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass

Posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 4:48:33

In reply to question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass, posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 4:34:40

oh, look, it's nanogirl...

trying to make a role model for all those women who want to study engineering...

but can't.

because of nanogirl. who is THE NANOGIRL. i mean, like, she is the representative. she is THE REPRESENTATIVE. she is THE ONLY REPROSENTIVATIVE for all the nanogirls out there... She mops up all of the ... money. kudos. recognition. for the fact that she is nanogirl. the girl who every girl wants to be like but none of the girls get to be because : she. she is nanogirl.

Now let's do the same again for biology. For microbiology. We have fat girl with pink hair who is superhero girl for biology. If anybody complains... We have fat girl (cry cry cry) who is the only girl to get all of the recognition and all of the credits for biology.

(while not having made professor herself.)

Go fat girl with pink hair! Everyone is rooting for you! You are the next nanogirl!!

And now we have Michel Baker. And all of his 'brothers'. I think y'all share the same degree? is that how that works? y'all look nothing alike...

Your orange jumpsuit suits you, Michel Baker. Person who did not profess benefits of wearing a face mask until.. Well. At least months after I did.

You decide the ethics issues, Michel Baker. I did not realise that you (in your orange jump suit) were so very well qualified.

You think it's about passports...

Because you envisage your crimes against humanity will give you one...

Of course you do...

But we lack the most basic of capacities to keep patient record secure...

Nobody in their right mind would trust the NZ health system with vaccination roll-out.

We trained the Samoans... Who reconsttituted MMR vaccines with expires anasthetic -- resulting in innocent deaths-- right.


I mean... Getting vaccinated in NZL is basicaly saying ' I lack a will to live'.

'That's how oppressed and beat down the population is. No self care -- at all'

Why would we trust them?

Answer: WE wouldn't.

How is Rhode Island going...

They have a lot of people whey refuse to give bank accounts... Passports... Drivers lisences....

They want them to be vaccinated?

Yeah right.

They spit in your face.

D'you wonder why?


No. You know why.

Waiting... Waiting... NZL refuses to get with teh programme...


F*ck*ng imbeceils.




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