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Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid

Posted by alexandra_k on March 15, 2021, at 20:57:47

In reply to Re: German lunatic politicians: 800%tax onE-Cig-Liquid, posted by alexandra_k on March 15, 2021, at 20:52:01

That's how NZ gets to have 25 per cent of it's population disabled. They disabled 25 per cent of the population. That's what that means. They incapacitated them. They refuse to pay them properly and they refuse to allow them to work full time and they refuse to acknowledge that they have capacity and rights and so on.

They insist that they are intrinsically broken or damaged or malfunctioing or a liability. That they don't have the work capacity. That they don't have the ability.

They cry cry cry they demand they demand they demand more and more and more money for keeping more and more and more people disabled. For keeping them incapacitated. More and more and more money the government gives people for growing their population of people kept incapacitated.

It's a thing...

Some people intentionally want to have kids with disabilities and the like. Some people intentionally want kids with down syndrome. They intentionally want a kid who (they think of) as a kid who will stay a kid FOREVER. that will never leave them. That will die before them and not after. That will never grow up. That will always have less cognitive capacity than them. That will always needs them and always rely on them. And they will get extra money from everybody else in order to keep their kid. They wll get government money and the like.

That's a thing. A very real thing.

People want something they can cry to 'go fund me' about.

People are really f*ck*d up. An awful lot of them...




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