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Re: gamma gamma babies

Posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 13:18:41

In reply to Re: gamma gamma babies, posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 13:11:42

they pay the ombudsman to do an unannounced inspection... once? has he done precisely one of those in his entire career? how much were they paying him to ensure that unannounced inspections were never done?

the new zealand vice chancellors committee.. they are supposed to ensure the integrity of new zealand qualifications. how much do they pay them to ensure the universities don't process applications from people wilth teh capacity, don't provide people with any training in any actul skills worth having, don't sign off on the people who are competent, don't give qualifications to people unless they have produced work that can be used as evidence against them with respect to plagarism, falsification of laboratory data and / or substantve ethical violation.

they pay people to pass themselves off as medical docctors to say 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww feel bettter' and 'there's nothing i can do' and 'that's a cosmetic problem only there's nothing i will do' or to sexually abuse patients or to participate in activities resulting in wrongful death or to allow unauthorised people in operating theatres or to let unauthorised people stick things into people and so on...

they pay people to engage in these activities.

the government.

that's what the government chooses to do with teh money teh world bank gives it.

teh money they get from other countries when other countries agree to give us money for things. things like dairy where the governmetn gives the farmers money to pollute the waterways so that people can't swim in or drink the water here.

the governmetn doesn't give money to people who have the willingness and ability to work towards things like clean wataerways.

the government refuses to get with the program.

the government refuses to pay people who have the willingness and abiltiy to get with the program.

teh government resuses to supply scholarships to people with willingness and ability.

the governmetn gives scholarships to peple who agree to work slowly and who agree to ensure their job descriptions are never done.

wah wah wah
give us vaccines.

wah wah wah
we contributed nothing to their development

wah wah wah
we chose not to purchase the most basic of medical supplied

wah wah
we chose notto hire competent workers we chose to pay incompetent workers to violate the laws and sell what remaining medical supplies there were to make ukp their pay check

is there a country more corrupt than us?

while we proclaim to the world we see no corruption.

we don't know what corruption means.

no speak english.




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