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Re: I predict... Prions

Posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 12:35:46

In reply to Re: I predict... Prions, posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 12:17:15

the graduate research school there...

was a programme of imposters. yeah.

studnets who had never had an education.

it was in the process of decline / falling into ruin...

because the people with all the money weren't training / teaching the next generation.

they were negligent in their duty.

they didn't sign their studnets off in a timely fashion (quite a lot of them and most of the non-australians) and they didn't pay them (given how much money they took for themselves)...

the research outputs started to slack...

the apprentice system wasn't working.

they weren't training their apprentices.

they had one job to do: produce research and train teh next generation to produce research.

but instead they decided to spend the money on conferences and the like... alcohol... caterers... flying around the world... the conferences and workshops were in increasingly expensive locations... elaborate holidays...

instead of paying people to produce work for publications.

books. journals.

they didn't keep it in house. they didn't train their students, sign them off, they didn't keep them productive.

they shut them down. thinking that they were more valuable if they managed to shut more people down. keep their profits for themselves.


i'm sorry people didn't get the help they needed.

but i'm even sorrier that they can't identify the people who could help them and allow them to function.

people don't listen to me.

it's like they always put the slowest and dumbest person they can find to be the boss of me and i'm supposed to convince or persuade them... nobody can go any faster than the slowest...

because they are determined to make a psychopath out of me

see see see you are just like us!

no... i'm nothing like you.

well then you deserve to be crucified or mobbed becuase you have matyred yourself.

uh, no, it's you lot who have chosen to repeatedly and regularly violate the rules and regulations... not do any of the things that you are supposed to do... in order to do the raping and murdering and torturing and abusing that you want to do... while crying about how it's your victims fault and they'd be doing it to you if they thought they could get away with it.

the screaming of the dementors.


i get really increadibly f*ck*ng angy sometimes...
like with how work and income is starting up on the whole 'you should be spending your life screwing lids on jars for minimum wage who do you think you are you think you are better than us! how dare you!' when some bitch gets it into her head to use her position to try and make my life hell becuase... well because she hates her job and she chooses to work it and she'd going to take tha tout of me because, well, why wouldn't you if you thought you could get away with it...

and so instead of her quitting her job and going back to school and studying NCEA so that she can maybe get a better job or something she decides that what she will do with the job she'd got is make sure that she does her damndest to preven me from studying NCEA. because, well, that will make her feel better about her own life choices. so she's determined to make things impossible for me -- becuase that will reassure her that things are impossible for her. and that's the whole point of her having a position of power -- right? to use that position of power to make sure that other people are forced into a position of worse than her -- right?

and so the solution isn't really a problem because I have a bond payment coming back to me and i can pay the fee out of that. but the problem is that she honestly thinks that she is deciding whether or not i get to have a secondary school education and she's decided that since i can read and i have a masters degree that i have more education than i'm entitled to already and so no more education for me!

because she doesn't know what an education is or what an education means... and an education (in nz) is something that they give to you after a certain length of time that is a piece of paper that is a ticket to a pay-check and a title to buy clothes such that people can judge your true worth immediately on sight... and those pieces of paper are only given to people who are incompetent anyway...

i get the really strong urge... i do in fact... start talking like i have a severe intellectual disability. in a stereotypic way.

i am not mocking or making fun or or insulting people who have the disability whose visible signs i am affecting...


because those people are some of the kindest and most decent people, sometimes.

it isn't that.

it is that if she thinks that i lack the intellectual capacity to do the programme of study that i'm applying for... then she'll likely approve it. it's only when she thinks that i could actually do well at it that she has a problem.

if i tell people i want to be a doctor and they make assumptions that i'm a stupid crack-head and / or that i have a serious mental illness like schizophrenia or something.. if they think i'm a hopless cause... then they are actually helpful and encouraging. becuase they think that i'll fail anyway.

it's only when they start to see that i have the capacity that they decide it's their job to incapacitate.

it's because they were raised in conditions of deprivation and they genuinely believe that the only way they get to keep the bare minimum of things that they have got is by incapacitating everyone around them.

it's just f*ck*ng tiresome is what it is.

it's one thing if you are paid to teach them / help them.

but nobody competent will be paid to teach them / help them. only someone wanting to abuse them and exploit them will ever be paid to manage them / teach them / help them...

only someone who wants to steal their organs will be paid to give them medical care.

i guess they know that already.




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