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Re: gloaty gloaty gloat gloat

Posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 1:32:14

In reply to Re: gloaty gloaty gloat gloat, posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 1:22:31

So I'm going to do NCEA in maths and physics and chemistry and biology.

And likely I'll see what the studnets are on about where the scholarship questions are unlike anything they have ever seen in the preparation.

Because they didn't pay the bribe-fee for the group tutoring or whatever where those tutors give the students who pay the bribe-fee the answer to the questions that are going to be on the examination. Becuase, you know, they didn't pay the people who wrote the examiantion so that is how they get their money out of the world. By taking bribes to violate the integrity of the examination.

Apparently that's how people get into Medicine at Auckland. One of the Medical Graduates had this ingenious start-up company idea whereby they could sell University of AUckland lecture notes or previous examination questions or whatever to prospective studnets. I think the University of AUckland was even in on the situation (thinking it was ingenious) and they took their cut.

ANd this was what they genuinely thought was a good business idea / plan.

I think they even got Medical Students to say what the questions on the Medical tests were. When you leave, you remember a few of the questions. They were paying people for remembering the questions and telling them to tutors or whoever so they could sell them to the highest bidder or whatever.

The last medical admissions interview I went to I was asked by an alumni what I thought about a situation where I was approached by someone asking me if I wanted to be paid to remember questions that they could use to help other studnets prepare for examiantions in future years...

There was a studnet 'model' in the room. I suppose the son of the chief of surgery or similar. You know, the person whose birth-right is to have all the answers to all of the examiantions provided to him by everybody else. That guy. That guy got to be a 'model' in the room seeing all the prospective studnets answer to the scenario.

I said I'd report the person who asked me that for violating the integrity of the test.

Of course I didn't get a place in Medicine.

Because they didn't get my cheque in the post already.


And in this manner they select all and only the studnets who will agree to sell plasma products on the black market.

And so on.


And the New ZEaladn Government... Does...


What, again?

Cry cry cry for vaccines.

And for trained medical staff.

And for policy ideas.





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