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Re: gloaty gloaty gloat gloat

Posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 0:47:30

In reply to Re: gloaty gloaty gloat gloat, posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 0:29:10

people used to come and visit...

and they would say 'they pay me'.
'they pay me'
'they pay me'

and of course nobody pays me.

or... they pay me less than minimum wage.

i have 2 masters degrees (but they refuse to acknowledge the second) and they refuse to pay me.

i spent a year applying for government jobs at an entry level which were positions appropriate for a person with a research masters degree in a language rich field...

i was told that they didn't actually like to hire people with masters research degrees for those positions because they thought they were over-qualified. becuase they needed to write reports so the politicians could understand them. and of course the people paid to do the policy and so on didn't typically have masters degrees and nobody likes to hire someone they think might be smarter or more qualified than themselves...

not here, anyway. the people doing the hiring want to feel like the smartest and most knowledgeable people in the room. and in this manner we play the same old same old 'how low can we go' game that we like to play in New Zealand.

and so i didn't get a job. and i wasn't so very bothered when i heard about the things that the people with jobs were doing. and then i saw that most of their money was being spent on cocktails and fancy clothes and so on and any ideas they used to have about making things better for more New Zealanders or helping things develop sort of vanished from them as they started to grub their way up hierarchies for things like overseas posts or travel perks or...

and it became about the pomp and...
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me

yeah. and that's where all the money goes.

instead of the money getting to the people.
instead of the graduates getting money to fund their book or instead of money going to fund that journal
instead of research outputs.
instead of ideas becoming products.

we pay them.

the incopmetent. the focused on the money. those withotu ideas.

people used ot say to me ideas were cheap.

yeah. ideas are free. they keep stealing mine.

but they are wrong that ideas are cheap. if they were cheap they would have their own ideas. but they don't.

they keep needing to steal mine.

they don't pay me
they don't pay me
they don't pay me

what do they think i'm going to say about them?

they don't pay me
they don't pay me
they don't pay me

they forgot to pay me

they forgot to enrol me in the programme i applied to
they forgot to process my work
they forgot to give qualiflications to people who had met the requirements fo rthem
they forgot to invest in people who were competent
they lacked the abilityt to distinguish
(but that's not true -- they got good at identifying it and making sure those people in particular would never be paid)

it's rubbish rubbish garbage back to front and upside down land of garbage nonsense.

it's concentration camp island.

we aren't getting vaccines because...

gloaty gloat gloat:

'we went hard and we went early'

we locked down AFTER other nations locked down.
it was before community transmission because we were about last to have community transmission because it hadn't freaking arrived here yet.
other nations didn't lock down becuase their laws prohibited it and they were ruled by law
we locked down -- and our lock down was unlawful
and nobody cares because Jacinda Arden doesn't have to follow the laws
the judges said that it was unlawful. that it was justified becuase of the harm of us not going into lockdown -- but it was unlawful.

and nobody even mentioned about impeaching her.


the point of our election system is that if one person gains the majority by a landslide that tells the world that NZ is... devolving from democracy to something more tribal. mob rule.

that's what Jacinda Ardern represents. mob rule.

what she doesn't properly realise is that the mob love can easily becoem mob hate. because that's the thing about mobs.

it's about intense or extreme emotion.

that's why the marajuana and the heroin come in from the harbour...

there were a few people who were upsetting basically peaceful protests by committing violent acts during protests that were basically peaceful.

the world over.

Hong Kong... During their protests. During the american protests, too.

I can't belive that much of the world is trying to blame Trump for that.

People honestly think that the democratically elected leader of the USA would behave like that.

People who have such extensive vetting... About whether they smoked pot in their 4 year College Degrees and so on..


I f*ck*ng hate New Zealand




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