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gloaty gloaty gloat gloat

Posted by alexandra_k on January 12, 2021, at 0:19:24

we don't know how lucky we are!!

it's all over the news about Trump being impeached for inciting violence.

no trial necessary, according to the New Zealand media. guilty as the mob has decided

we don't know how lucky we are, in New Zealand!!

with the government approved reading list (all signed off as okay by Jacinda Arden) and the national library book-burning

we don't know how lucky we are!!

did we even bother to count the votes for our election?

did the foreign leaders wait until our votes were counted before congradulating Jacinda on her victory (that was decided / pronounced by the media well before the election campaign)?


we don't know how lucky we are, in New Zealand!

didn't even need to bother to count the votes in this, uh, democracy?? of mob rule, of ours...

Other nations are talking about how China is upholding rule of law for bad laws.

New Zealand isn't even there, yet. we aren't even at the point of understanding rule of law when it comes to our following good and just laws. We aren't even there yet. we certainly aren't ready to go meta and ask about the legitimacy of the rules that have been made

we don't know how lucky we are!!!

i don't know how we got decent rules about domestic adults being eligible to be enrolled in programmes they have applied to or about academic freedom... our Education Act (highest form of law is statute with no written constitution) states that academic freedom to work to international standards of scholarship is a necessary condition for universities. in other words... New Zealand educational institutions refusal to allow students to work to international standards of scholarship (e.g., by refusing to get their work to external examiners, by refusing to base the outcome of examination on reports of external examiners -- is grounds for dissolution.

we don't have universities.

we have a bunch of state funded institutions of... well, they really really really really want to be an institution of child abuse. they don't want to train adults in what adults want to be trained in. they want to force children to slave for them for low to no pay forever while they refuse to sign them off.

nobody in their right mind would voluntarily contract with a New Zealand university. they are incapable of processing enrolments, processing work, processing completions.

we don't have start-up companies. people are too busy making their fortune keeping slaves in tehir substandard houses.

the dean of the medical school was doing research on streptococcus vaccinations. becuase we like to keep people in substandard conditions such that maaori and pacific islanders get strep infections. then they don't get antibiotics (because we pretend to care about antibiotic resistence by denying medical care to people while over-prescribing to chickens and other food animals by simply refusing to keep them humanely and by simply refusing to follow best practice guidelines on effective prescribing for animal welfare)...

then they get rheumatic fever and they don't get heart valve replacements and then they die of broken hearts.

that's how we like to keep them.

and so the guy who has a team of research slaves...

they mobilised to make covid vaccine (which is an easy vaccine, comparatively -- right)




you mean his whole research thing was a scummy scummy scam and he doesn't actually have the capacity to produce anything at all.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but he was so motivating and inspiring.




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