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Posted by alexandra_k on December 26, 2020, at 0:00:22

In reply to Re: vaccination, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 22:38:35

and i guess the idea is that when my mother put her money into bonus bonds (loaned it to the government) other people brought houses.

for their kids?

maybe... perhaps... i guess...

one way of looking it might be that they put their retirement funds... or their kids inheritance... into purchasing property. for their kid, i guess.

and that's the return that people got who saved their money. the big boom in housing prices.

and so if you look at the very most basic aspect of the financials. when mother purchased her house for her to live in... what happened to property prices... how they went up and up and up... how she was saving money in bonus bonds... that didn't pay interest, even.

why didn't she choose to invest in.... even in a more expensive house for her (and me) to live in? why didn't she choose to invest in a better neighbourhood, even? a place with a better public school? a place that wasn't surrounded by state houses and so on?

or... why not invest in a rental property, then?


i guess she wasn't focused on money money money money money money money on making more and more and more and more money and i guess she wasn't focused on having people living in her property / on her land / paying her rent or whatever.

i guess...

though we did have a property with a rental unit / flat on it for a while, there, so no... that's not it. that's not it, at all.

i don't know why mother and father both got out of property all of a sudden...

chose to keep mortgage low and stay in 'forever family homes' in decidedly... modest... neighbourhoods.

maybe it was something to do with Dad being sad about people being (according to him) over-mortgaged. building houses that were bigger than they could afford. leaky buildings. rotting foundations... uneven piles... not partaking in teh 'give it a lick of paint and flick it off' way of making dollar dollar bills...

invest in the stock market they reckon.

who is they?

people who made considerable money off of it while it crashed for most.

likely them.

diversify your portfolio. seems to make the most sense.

otherwise... i don't really get the difference between 'insider trading' and simply knowing facts about who is running what companies and who they are employing and the like. and then some personal knowledge when it comes to aptitudes and abilities and the like. to make an educated guess as to whether they are likely onto a good thing / worth investing or not.

i don't see... another way to understand that. and some people are in the position to have the knowledge to make good educated decisoins and mostly people are not.

and it all depends on what they do wieth their money.

why the hospital merger? is it a genuine attempt for fairer systems?

i guess time will tell and we will see...

fibre... fibre for the kids of central providence. some of them might be able to learn from home. that's a good thing. genuinely. that's a good thing.




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