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Re: vaccination

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 22:38:35

In reply to Re: vaccination, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 22:27:02

so i guess the point of the ironed maaori or whatever it is... the maaori who aren't recognisably maaori... who aren't identifiably maaori to me...

the maaori who look like the ones in a... goldie painting. the modern day ones in parliament and the like, i mean. the ones with the traditional tattos and the modern woolen blankets or ties or whatever.. whatever..

so different from the ones hanging out at the marae...

the gentle spirits. that's what's missing. the sensitive. the... sparkle in the eye. the quickness of mind.

where did they go??

there's a veneer...

i get a sense or feeling that there's on some level a genuine attempt or effort or something... that it's not fair of me to criticise because it will take some time for people to find their feet. to try different things. to find their own voice. to learn to ask good questions within the scope. and so on.

and then i remember the kids on the marae from my youth. and i remember the quickness of mind and the gentleness and the sensitivity and the spark...

and i think...

couldn't they find anyone anyone anyone at all who had a bit more of a natural aptitude?


when they started getting the people they chose to acknowledge as maaori leaders in to the ethics seminars at otago. and then all of a sudden i wasn't allowed to ask questions anymore. and the questions they were asking... hmm... 'it's okay if you like vanilla ice cream. i like chocolate -- but we don't need to kill each other about it'.

they couldn't find any other maaori leaders to acknowledge? to allow to lead? nobody? nobody? nobody at all? those were the best they could scrounge up?

mind you, this is while the head of the centre for bio-ethics goes through a series of... uh... strokes...? not sure. seems so... turning up sometimes with unwashed clothes. teeth knocked out. from anasthetic?

things were seriously disturbingly f*ck*d up down there.

the seminars were live streamed for wellington. people were watching what was going on.

why didn't anybody do anything?

what the f*ck.




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