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Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 21:59:02

and it likely truly really is the case... that given where things are at with the world right now...

the vulnerable people will not get access to the vaccines.

largely because they are undocumented. if they don't have bank accounts and they don't have drivers lisences and if they are unable to present to the ER if anything should happen to them... if they are giving birth outside hospitals because they are that afraid of ICE...

and how many of them are there, then? nobody knows. i saw something to say they recknon 10-20,000 in the state of Rhode Island. that's 1 million people

(I go on about it because it's small so it's comparatively easy for me to feel like I get some kind of a handle or understanding of what is sort of may be going on).

that's a lot. and they aren't turning up for Covid testing -- are they? can they have phones? i guess not on a plan... can they have burner phones? do they have access to the results if they get a test?

they're not likely to get a vaccination, then, either, are they, now. noppers.

so... Faucci has this moving target with vaccination... where nobody knows what's required for herd immunity but you want to set aspirational goals that are potentially achievable to help with the whole hope thing... but then what percentage of the population is undocumented, then? and were these people polled when they were asking about whether people would get vaccinated once the vaccines were available to or for them?

and when, exactly is it planned for vaccinations to be made available to people who are illegal, anyway?

was that why the USA commissioned the manufacture and purchase of more vaccinations than it needed? because it wanted to vaccinate illegals, too?


i think... the problem with illegals is going away as people get their tracking devices... will do. i think it won't be so very far into the future that it won't really be any kind of a problem, at all.

i kind of think... it is only a problem insofar as the USA chooses to allow it presently? i am not sure on that.

if they started doing ICE raids and deporting people... i guess there are enough gangsters who were born in the USA now to put a stop to that...

it is quite the problem.


it does matter what people look like. it's not about skin color... but there is something there. authenticity.

there was quite the market in new zealand that new zealand tried to cash in on and exploit of training or educating internationals to be indistinguishably new zealand. in accent. and in everything else.

and of course we sold out. and then we sold them out. and now most of the world has rather an army of disgruntled people who have experience of being screwed over trying to do good business with new zealand. quite the army of indistinguishably new zealand people...

they are even at Harvard. even asking questions in impeccably 'international' dememour. who knows whether they set foot in new zealand.

and then little touches of something recognisably... something recognisably...

the thing is that you alter your dememour depending on the environment. so... the little mannerisms and the speed of speech and the slurring and so on that you get rid of when you are talking to international english people. very different from local... dialect? even the mannerisms. so hard to quantify properly.. many of the non-verbals...

the sort of ironed maaori i see in new zealand parliament...

the couple years i spent being trekked around various marae for weddings and 21st and so on... with sue and alf... the tribe of foster kids...

and growing up where i did with a secondary school that was at least 1/4 maaori i want to say. and apparently more like 1/2 now. a somewhat authentic marae where we used to hang out and faff about with poi... hangi...

and a friend who hated his family so much. hated being maaori. he was pretty white maaori except he had a very black traditional maaori face. he hated maaori because his father was maaori and he sexually abused him. as did many of hte men. and he grew up gay which nobody accepted at all. and so i was accepted as part of their family and the family would do visible celebrations when i crashed in his bed... because there was nothing like that between us.

and these things that are buried deep that you just can't fake...

so they iron them out and away. so all that's left is the fake...

but then you end up with the...

and this depends on teh context...

most recently... someone who looks Italian (looks dominant socio-economic group) but says he's hispanic and black as well. so he gets ALL the things in the name of equity.

that aspect to things...


what's it for?


i suppose it is for when there's a knock on the door at 3am...

and the people inside don't know if it's ICE or teh dawn raids (nz version for pacific islanders).

and the people are armed... oh yes. they have pretty great weapons these days...

they need to. to protect themselves from the government.

only, it's not the government. it's someone claiming to be one of them who wants to give them immunisations in the name of peace and love.

and they look like them -- do they?

do they sound like them??

little... mannerisms... little things.. little things...

little spying eyes...



it likely is the case that the people we most want to die already...
this will expediate their deaths.
that's the point of it.
the rest is just collateral damage.

it's forcing the issue of trade and trade-sanctions.

my thesis of 2018 talked about that. trade-sanctions as a way of forcing governments to comply with internationally accepted and agreed upon standards for what was going to happen to and with their people.


you know.

like how i am a person. and this nation is supposed to be one in which we have rule by law.

not rule by angry mob. not rule by biggest mob. not whatever i say because i have the power and you don't hahaha whatever i want and too bad for you you lose.

rule of law.

what laws?

i f*ck*ng know. tell me about it.

if we only had one law there would still be dementors screaming that they are incapable of comphrehending it and what you going to do about it! what you going to do about it? what you going to do about it??


it's f*ck*ng tiresome that they ruin all the things.

the screaming of dementors.




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