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Re: idea

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 21:05:17

In reply to idea, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 19:17:45

because it is not about the money. it is not about the money at all.

there is no reason at all why every single student enrolled in a graduate research degree can't produce a thesis for the university.

there is no reason at all why the university can't or won't proudly display all the artices, all the books, all the theses, all the research outputs of the university to prospective students on display.

there is no reason at all why out of four masters scholarship applicants only one has their thesis acknowledged as accepted by the university (years late, but accepted by the university). two others have their enrolments 'held' indefinately and one was bullied into dropping out / walking away.

it doesnt make them a better university. it doesnt make them all 'exclusive' or 'desirable'.

theres no research outputs. nobody home. and it doesnt cost them any f*ck*ng money to hand over the qualification for the work that was done.

except for them thinking they are entitled to exit payments / bribes / facilitation payments / donations of extra time / entitled to keep slaves.

but sure, the one student who was given both the scholarship and the qualification... you know, after she or he slaves for 2 years on a 1 year degree or 3 years on a 2 year degree... that one student (who they think is stupid for slaving on that rather than slaving on a PhD)...

well... i'm not entirely convinced there is such a student. i think it infinitely more likely the district health board decided to spend the $5,000 student scholarship on something like a conference workshop for themselves.

the district health board still has not informed me of th recipient of that scholarship in 2018.

i suppose the only reason for their refusal is because even that student has become an unobtainable myth of a better life for students in new zealand.

international students. millions or billions to our economy, apparently. and we can't even respect them or process their work or process their qualifications...

come be a full fee paying international student in new zealand..and about those new zealand government scholarships for new zealanders to train overseas...

seeing which students the new zealand government endorsed and backed. seeing how their parents made their money working for the new zealand government...

tick tock..process the f*ck*ng applications.need a taser up your *rs*?
process the appications and no skin off your *rs* -- right?
it doesn't cost you f*ck*ng anything at all to hand over a f*ck*ng degree for work that has been done.

its psychological. you got that right.

i smell evil and i hear the screams of dementors. its the double-speak you get from talking to people employed by new zealand universities.

who cry 'you must be mentally ill' when they refuse to process your application and 'you are making us mentally ill' when you follow complaints resolution process written by the executive for the executive not to follow.

'they found a typo therefore no degree for you! didn't you know you were supposed to have the whole thing generated and signed off by the editors over at campus copy or wherever from $5,000 out of pocket for you' or whatever it was.

the problem with my med school application?

the med students have a 'start up company' scam where students pay them for 'tutoring'. they are actually paying for questions and / or answers to questions. magic words to be spoke in interview and spouted in exams...


because we don't want international students.
we don't want tourists
we dont want hospitals
stock echange
pretty pleasant neighbourhoods
we dont want anything at all

screaming of the dementors...




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