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Re: hospital aquisition

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 19:09:09

In reply to Re: hospital aquisition, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:41:42

> is it a genuine attempt to work towards fairer systems? i don't know. i don't know if they know. their first lot of vaccine goes to front line health workers... ER workers... those with best access to PPE. does it seem plausible? does it seem likely? WHen the CE Of the hospital (elderly) gets a first vaccine in the name of 'setting a good example' I suppose it tells me everything I need to know.

i don't know. because it's a message / communication to their people and i don't know.

apparently around 60 per cent of new zealanders say they will take a vaccine once it becomes available to them.

with some 'heavy handed' roll out tactics (informed consent be damned) the government will easily have that up around 70 or 80, i'd imagine.

but in the usa it is only around 40 per cent who say they will take a vaccine when one becomes available to them.

in that climate (the usa climate) it does make sense (consdierably more sense) to have CEs and front line ER workers taking doses first so as to be good examples.

in our climate... it is hard to know.

if any country says they are going to start by vaccinating, for example, the people who are already immobilised in the aged care facilities... i don't think the public will like that very much. it will look too much like they are targeting the vulnerable for ill intent.

on the other hand if you parade too many young healthy go-getters or rich people then that sends the message that there isn't any equity. and it would encourage a country that has more tendancy with corruption in its supply chain to... uh... leak doses. to people who shouldn't be having them.

i guess there will be a record. name and batch number and date teh dose was given. maybe even you need to produce that before you can get your second dose. who knows... and the cold chain...

in nz they are likely to be stolen by people attempting to profiteer. they are more likely not to get to vulnerable people. i guess.

it's hard because these national level communications make sense nationally. communications to their people, yeah.

Trump supporters are scaring me. I think that is the right way to see that. The Trump avatar is a... construct... ideology? something... his supporters love him. vehimently. in a way that is becoming scary. for sure.

inequality. people breaking the rules for their own advantage and to try and unfairly advantage their kids because of some horrible system whereby they are afraid that if they don't get their kid unfairly scaffolded through they'll... i don't know. stay home and bludge off them forever. never achieve financial independence.

well what about me?

i'm over 40 now...

where's financial indepenence for me?
where's my f*ck*ng degree?

they refuse to acknowledge my transcript?

they've started changing it in their online records system?

what next?

my birth certificate? will they take that back too?

not give me a passport?

where is the f*ck*ng accountability.

it's not treason. i told you to your face. over and over and over and over and over were the opportunities for things to be put right.

so many opportunities you had to put things right. for a little fairness.


refusal to acknowledge
refusal to acknowledge
refusal to acknowledge.

not parliament
not the executive

go judiciary go


there's nothing here. nobody home. angry angry angry mob.




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