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Re: the judiciary??

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:24:56

In reply to Re: holocaust, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 16:09:37

do we have one??

where's the judgment?

is it designed to be too late for this year, too?

so another round of 'medical studnets' were hand-picked by psychopaths for the explicit purpose of being put to the salt-mines of documenting all the crimes against humanity we could perform on the unwitting new zealand public and on minorities, in particular, there's a special pool of money set aside to ensure that minorities, in particular, must always be oppressed, kicked down, held back, lacking in the most basic of resources needed to function, constant and repeated and persistent violation of their rights by the special chosen children of senior officials and their picked out marriage partners.

way to go, new zealand! developmentally, it's very WWII and it's fairly clear what side we're on...

so the kiddie kiddie 18 year old kids (always wanted to g*ng b*ng women and men alike with impunity!!) got sent their 'invitations' to enrol in Medicine... About when? about the day i'm in court while we are establishing (3 years later) that the University still refuses to calculate my GPA according to the algorithm they published precisely for the purpose of them being accountable to the new zealand public.

and what are you going to do about it?

what are you going to do about it -- judiciary?

i've let the ministers know. parliament. government. they know. they elect to do nothing.

i've let the executive know. the internal complaints process. the external complaints process. the new zealand vice chancellors committee aka universities new zealand refused to comment on / put it right that the universities of new zealand repeatedly reliably persistently routinely as a matter of course don't do any of the things they are supposed to do when it comes to processing applications to enrol, processing studnet work, processing completions, awareding qualifications to all and only people who have met requiremetns for them. the ombusdman sees no evil hears no evil doesn't see any evil spoken -- he doesn't think the executive is required to comply with the statues of the country in a country of parliamentary statute soverignty. wow. the executive. really working for the people. teh police refused to prosecute.

so there's the judiciary.

and then what...

i take the letter from the judge to supply to the minister so he can dis-establish the university. because we don't have the ability / desire to have a university. we have a bunch of empty buildings with empty labels on the door... to go with a bunch of empty faculty with empty job titles and with empty name tags... and there's just nobody home.

i don't understand why they don't get with the f*ck*ng programme and do their f*ck*ng job.

the problem is the same as it was in Germany with WWII... the whole eugenics thing. the problem was the refual to accept that...

Like Ratatouille...

'Not everyone can be a great chef... But a great chef can coem from anywhre'.

Where greatness is about making things fairer and improving things for mroe and more and more and more and more of us. A greater proportion of us...

And as soon as I say it I hear the vultures and the bats and the demons and the dementors screaming and squawking and the horrible horrible screaming of them as they pervert and distort.... As they say 'people breeding then more and more and more and more gamma babies that's exactlly what we were doing they're so happy being picked in alchohol they so love their drugs they love them they love them and it's only humane to let them go / to help them go when they no longer want to live...'

f*ck*ng psychopaths.




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