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Re: holocaust

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:49:44

In reply to Re: education, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:37:08

i guess there are many different things you could say about the holocaut.

one of those things was that things were similar in germany and in the usa and in the uk as well.

that is to say the focus on eugenics.

we were told... at least i was told... that there was a perception that there was a decline in humanity. a decline in people. a decline in intelligence and morality and so on. and leaders were concerned about what to do in the face of this decline.

and one of the things they did that was supposed to help was breeding programmes. trying to get the very best people (as they saw them) to breed with the very best people. and that was supposed to be the point of scholarships to universities and the like. so the very best people could meet and choose to breed. and there were even financial incentives for people on certain lists of best people to marry other people on certain lists. something about keeping blood lines pure or whatever.

but i suppose really the above... it isn't a solution to the problem. it is itself the problem. because of the way in which they choose or select or process people with respect to whether they are on this list or not.

the main way they were doing it was heredity. the kids of the leaders were picked out as special and the very very best of the people.

only that's strange because of evidence we have about inter-breeding and recessive mutations being detrimental and so on...


but the real thing is that intelligence... even morality, i guess... these things aren't as heritable as you might think.

if they were heritable then why would the leaders need to invest so much energy and effort and resources into keeping other oppressed?

if maori really were intrinsically or naturally intellectually inferior to white people then why would we continually pump so much energy and effort and money into pickling them in alcohol, raising them in conditions of oxygen deprivation, keeping them in mouldy houses, teaching tehm to ram each other in the head repeatedly from young ages in teh name of 'national sport'... all that work that goes into trying to keep their brains from developing normally or naturally...

so that the kids of the elite appear to be the best.


because of this focus on hierarchy and running your way up one...

and not on fairer systems and distributing resources. sharing. fairness.


the problem was people 'flouting' -- we like to say. we like to say 'mmmmmmmm crispy fried tree elf smells like morally grey'. the problem is people breaking the rules. not following the rules. and so on for their own pesonal advantage.

those who are most... horrible to the immigrants... the illegals... often seem to be those who feel most justified in violating or breaking the rules to get their own offspring / progeny every advantage.

by natural ability and hard work.

yeah right.

what kinds of natural abilty? one might htink it would have something to do with the brains or talent or whatever to develop and implement fairer systems. systems worth working towards. and so on.

but noooooooooooooooooo. you go. you have all of the money and i see why. all the work you do ensuring the opporession of everyone you can get away with oppressing who is not-you.

for the good of the people. yeah, right.

f*ck*ng sure.


process teh application.
process the application.

process your kids application. process it properly. were they supposed to get an interview?


your doctors totally 'love' you.
totally working to 'help you'.

processing your application for treatment.


course they are.

following the process of providing competent treatment.

for sure.




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