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Re: education

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:37:08

In reply to Re: world war three, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:24:11

so in rhode island apparently the government took control of the schools from whoever was doing that before.

i suppose the main aim is to keep the public school sufficiently bad so that people will spend... i don't know... what percentage of your income is reasonable to spend on private school for your kids? on extra-curriculars?

anyway, about the public schools...

the main reason you go to school is to eat your lunch, right. so the kids get 1 square meal a day, at least. which they wouldn't have otherwise.

also to play with your friends -- right? so that you have friends of your age-cohort.

spending time away from your parents / family. speaking conversational english. ensuring the kids grow up speaking a little english. able to follow directives like 'line up for food' and 'sit down in your seats'.

that's the point of public schools.

and so... when Covid comes... it's important to keep the schools open. once you understand the primary function of schools. for the kids. for their benefit. once you understand the primary function of schools.

and the schools are saying 'our teachers are scared. they're scared at the best of times, but now they are really scared of getting sick'. and they are also saying teh teachers need to stay home because they are getting exposed and need to self quarantine etc.

and the state says 'it's okay we can train a teacher in... well, look, we do a police-check (and like hire all and only the pedophiles) and they're good to go, really, i mean how hard can it be to issue directives like 'line up for the lunch cue' and 'sit down and shut up'?)

and they say 'good jobs for good people'. and try and get the hospitality people into looking after other peoples children... otherewise... well otherwise i guess they can't afford to pay their rent and they'll end up... dying of exposure. i guess that's what happens in that part of the world. you light fires and live communally or you literally die of exposure.

but in cambridge massacheusetts they discovered that kids learned just fine at home. in fact... the kids could get a lot more work done without a commute... they could better focus on the work... and so on...

the thing, really, is in those poor schools... the kids who are really really smart... who don't get to learn anything because school is about lining up for the lunch cue. and because all the time is spent learning to placate the bullies (or not) and school is not about education. not for you. not for you. not for you.

the standardised tests become corrupted... the kids in the private schools *and how many times do we need to tell you and you still don't get it -- primarily becuase you aren't interested in this stuff. you aren't into academics...' and nobody nobody nobody at all is allowed to score better than them.

that's how NCEA got corrupted in nz. all the kids as salmond college were saying 'we all got excellent in everything we did for NCEA'. in fact... the system... is basically 'pass fail' as in you either get 'E' for excellent or you don't get credit / you get no credit.

i guess then it's about how many credits you get.

like AP courses.

if you go to a school where you are allowed to do AP classes whenever you want and you do as many of the classes as you can over the years...

we are only allowed little tiny books in new zealand. because the whole f*ck*ng tribe has to reach consensus that it's ready to be published or it doesn't get to be published at all. that's how come it takes 10 + years to complete 1 year of work.

i was marked in some way fairly early on in new zealand. as garbage or trash.

that has been the problem of my life. it was made clear to me early on that this kid and that kid (public school so that means the teachers kids) were the best and the brightest and they got all the credit and so on. so nobody else was allowed to do anything to detract / distract from that / them.




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