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Re: world war three

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:24:11

In reply to books, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:02:55

so this pretty much is world war three, i guess. the form that modern warfare has taken. i'm not so very surprised.

the leaders collude really rather a lot i really do belive.

i suppose the main aim of the leaders is to keep the things they've got (to increase the things they've got) for as long as they can becuase they can... i guess that's the primary aim or goal. power. for the sake of power. people get off on it. find it intrinsically rewarding or whatever.

but the only legitimate rule is when the ruler is ruling for the good of the people. and there needs to be independence and critique and so on to keep that in check. because it is impossible to keep focused on the good of the other (rather than yourself) 24/7 for any sustained period of time. you get hungry, cranky, lonely, tired, whatever... and you can't be perfect mother. and of course people make mistakes.

but people don't like to hear things they don't like to hear and they surround themselves with people who only say what they want to hear. and if they have all the power and there's no balance then i suppose the lengths they end up going to in an attempt to silence and oppress and suppress the things they can't / don't want to deal with.


we hear a lot about black power... i think particularly because in northern states people aren't so very racist against blacks.

most of the vitriole is reservered for illegals.

and since they wanted to go to the US for a better life... and since they entered unlawfully or overstayed... a lot of people seem to think just and fitting punishment is that they don't get a better life. and their kids don't get a better life. so as to disincentivise and dissuade more and more and more and more and more people from flocking to the US unlawfully or from overstaying.

and that's a horrible situation / position.

so i guess the idea was to deport them. and i don't see what else you can do, actually.

and so there's a problem. for sure.

new zealand is still in the position of taking brown (we call them brown not black) pacific islanders... promising them money to send back home for seasonal work. on the plantations. that's the true and proper way that we should see that.

we keep them warehoused in substandard living conditions and their entry visas are tied to their employer so they have no right to be here unless they are, uh, slaving on the plantations. they might get some money... but less than minimum wage. and they're required to live on site. and so on.

sheep sheering was another. tuberculosis was spreading in the warehouse accommodations.

and this is the backbone of our economy, apparently. basically slave labor.

and will we improve our laws so that employers are required to treat their workers humanely?


well, then...

good people cannot do business with us.

where's my f*ck*ng degree?
why isn't my thesis in the university library?
i don't care if you like it. i don't care if you agree with it. if you think i am making unsubstantiated claims then invite me to give a talk and you can question me in question time.
if you think i'm libellous then you can sue me.
if you think i'm too poor to sue then you can seek a declaration from the judge to preserve your reputation and to save new zealand from this scourge that happened because of freedom of speech.

process the enrolment.
process the completion.

we're tooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid to do aaaaaaaaaaaany of the things that we are paid to do.

how long can it possibly take you to process a 1 year research masters?

completed in 2018.

where is my f*ck*ng degree?
where is my place in medical school?

i have written to the minister of education.
i have written to the prime minster.
i have informed the police.
i have infomed the new zealand vice chancellors committtee..

theeeeeeeeeeeeey dooooooooooon't haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave toooooooooooooooooooo.

it's like someone put the IHC in charge in this country.

close down the borders.

overseas needs to process the asylum / refugee applications from new zealand.

because the new zealand government refuses to do any of the most basic of things that it is supposed to do.

they refuse to procss the applications
process the applications
publically advertise jobs
hire all and only the competent
procss the applications
if people refuse to perform their statutory function:
they are fired.
until they learn.

do your job
do your job
do your job





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