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Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 15:02:55

apparently jacinda ardern has some. by different authors, even. not just ones she wrote herself.

apparently she thinks outside the box and marches left right left or thinks left right left with a government approved list of christmas reading material.

all... what was that short story...

phillip k dick.

i thought it was in the collection 'minority report' but i can't find any mention of it. strange.

it was 'something about clancy' or 'something about chancey' or similar...

about this much beloved political leader. he would have this time on television and tell the public things... mention a brand of scotch that he liked -- and sales would rocket. and so on.

and it turned out that he was a figment. an... avatar we call them now.

cooked up in some conn-munications lab.

my patience is all worn out.

where is my offer of enrolment?
what could possibly take you so f*ck*ng long?
process teh applications
process the applications
process the applications.

we don't need 'more training places'
we don't need 'more doctors'
we need 'some doctors'.
we need 'some actual doctors'.
to get them we are going to need to:
process the applications
process the applications
process the applications.

offer jobs to all and only those who are willing and able to do the f*ck*ng job according to it's job description
process teh applications
process the applications
process teh applications.

the government simply won't.
simply isn't.
simply doesn't.

has been told.
ignores it.

if the government isn't accountable to the people...
if the government doesn't process teh applications
can't process teh applications
won't process the applications
won't advertise jobs
doesn't do any of the things it's supposed to do...

we don't mind Brexit because it won't hurt us.


we are being left out of trade-deals because good people cannot do business with us.

we don't process teh applications.

we don't comply with international regulations.

climate change. what are doing about it?
'make us'
'you can't make us'
'we do whatever we want'

sure you do.
and nobody will do business with you.

process the applications.

the judiciary...

has told them 'the people have the right to refuse to be subject to medical experimentation. the people have the right to informed consent'

but they only select and train people who they believe will comply with them doing whatever they want whenever they want because they want and i'm pretty darned sure they do their very very best-est to bully away anybody who doesn't share their f*ck*d up desires.

how do i know?

process the application
process the application
process the application.

does the judciary work?

what happens when the evidence is presented of people believing they are above the law?

just recently i saw in teh news teh Ombudsman did an inspection of a prison (I think it was) and (gasp shock horror) for the first time ever (I do believe) he didn't give them advance notice warning that he was coming to do an inspection.

usually he gives them weeks or months notice. and still writes up violations and they just ignore them.

like the reports to the government with 25 changes needed and they are like 'we have already started on 5 so we are on to it'. but of course 20 years later we'll discover they only achieved 1.5 of them.

we still don't have fit tested adequate ppe for front line health workers.

soon the Covid will get here and we'll see how many the little psychopaths manage to murder in the hospitals.

i'm not seeing 'have more babies have more babies have more gamma gamma babies' plastered all over work and income these days.

conceived in alcohol
born into oxygen deprivation
a little experimental surfactant to hasten the oxygen deprivation no doubt
observational study on dose-dependent response of lungs to that black mould / fungus
a little experimental asthma treatment no doubt
a little lung cancer
sporulating fungus

it's how we like to keep 'em in nz

when we're not trying to get 'em sick with rheumatic fever from withholding the most basic level of care such as antibiotics (in the name of fighting the fight against antibiotic resistence while simultaneously having highest rates of antibiotic prescription to poultry farms and the like awwwwwwwwwwwwww just how much we care).

shut up, alex.


i'll shut up.

it's served me so well. shutting up.

where's my money?
where's my money?
where's my house?
where's my job?
where's my car?

where's my friends (forget that, with friends like these who needs enemies).

iteresting that education has become a paid for trophy to sit on the mantle piece. that's what it is, now.

i think about how jacinda ardern can send her kid full fee payed to harvard and it wouldn't be 1/2 her income each year. while the rest of us are supposed to pay considerably more than 1/2 our income to live in houses that are killing us.

killing us.
killing us.

that's how we keep our people.

unhealthy, unhappy, unproductive.

repeatedly persistently routinely violating their rights.

sh*tt*ng all over international conventions and treaties.

get used to the borders being locked down, new zealand.

till you learn to treat people humanely in voluntarily signed up for quarantine...

till you learn to train front line health workers to practice humanely (not degenerate to stanford prison experiment atrocities).

develop the f*ck*ng infrastructure already.
accountability ffs.

put the psychopaths in prison where they belong.

we's sick and f*ck*ng tired of them holding everything back.

holding the people as hostages trying to demand ransom.

process the applications
process the applications
process teh applications

hire all and only those who are competent

then you will have all the teachers and doctors and so on tha tyou need.

process the applications
process the applications.

do you really need 2 million dollars to write up a narrative on how your patients are sick becuase they don't have petrol or electricity or cars and they can't get to and from appointments and they don't have healthy homes.

for 4 million dollars what's your plan? to double them? double your 'farm'. it's not like you have a notion of informed consent -- right? it's not like you treat them humanely, even for animals -- right?

process the applications
process the applications
process the applications.

they can't do it.

they won't do it.

facilitation payment?
bribe payment?
phone call.... 'let me talk you thought it. what is the problem. oh, you need to talk to jim about that but jim doesn't like you...'

process the applications.




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