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Re: the great take-over

Posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 13:21:02

In reply to the great take-over, posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 13:12:42

but the best and the brightest and the finest minds of new zealand... look at all that they produce!

oh mighty leaders! oh thanks for the enabling conditions! oh thanks for providing the infrastruture that allows people capable of working to work.

oh thanks for having us hang about in herds all day warily eying each other nobody working any faster than th slowest.

why pickle them in alcohol
spray their premature lungs with surfactant to prevent oxygen absorption
repeatedly whack them in the head in the name of sport

promote them to mighty leader!

know the difference between a preacher and pulpet and a university and acadaemia. course not.

one is when you have one person who doesn't listen to anybody else going on and on and on and on

anothe ris when you have many people who have different voices. who take turns speaking. who read each others work. who acknowledge it. to respond to it. who critique it.

where's my thesis? where did you put it? where are the theses of the other students?

oh.. they said something that made you feel uncomfortable. something not-you and so you refused to acknowledge them. threw them away.

so a few of them hang about begging for scraps waiting for you to die so they can have your job.

and there's nothing here. there's nobody hom.e

about 3 people with speaking rights who refuse to listen to anybody other than themselves.

''wah wah wah i know you are but what am i''


double think. yeah. that sums it up. war is peace and love is hate.

and our universities... and reading... and our health system... and heatlh care.. and watercare polluting the waterways... and we don't know how lucky we are with highest rates of child abuse in the developed world. firstly the parents and then the state takes over becuase some people like to abuse children more en masse like... so the state processes their applications for that and ensures that only people like that get to work with children.

only the worst.

it's upside down and back to front land. for sure. only the incompetent. ensuring nothing gets done. no progress is made. swampy swamp swamp swamp.




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