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the great take-over

Posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 13:12:42

In reply to Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets, posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 12:58:00

the problem with australia as a place to ship the world's criminals was that australia was too big. what you need is an island that you can fibre-optic cable so the people on the island can live there all trueman show bubble-like with their repeated and persistent ongoing crimes being recorded.

new zealand is the perfect place for it because they've been pointing out for quite some time that we refuse to secure our border.

that is to say we refuse to process applications for visa and for entry and so on... unless there's a bit of a payment. facilitation. pomp and ceremony puff out the chest and pretend to be important... all of that nonsense... we only seem to process those applications.

so it makes new zealand a natural destination for people fleeing international laws and so on from overseas. it makes new zealand a natural destination for the worst of the international criminals.

and when new zealand has these problems does it ask for help? or does it just take as much as it can from teh situation for as long as it can?

it does the latter. then pretends to be surprised when terrorists get up to terrorist activities and so on.

so new zealand can be detention camp island then. the destination for all the world's criminals.

people agree to be held in detention facilities for a couple weeks on arrival. a quarantine camp sort of a thing. yeah. the screening and sorting on the way in.

and that's why we have fibre optic. to upload our data. so they have these personal phone tracking devices. so they know everyones movements all of the time.

the shipments tracked. they know who is stealing the hiv medication. they know who is hoarding the vaccines.

but who wants to stand over these people with a big f*ck*ng stick trying to get them to do the most basic of things they are supposed to do? who wants to waste their life doing that? nobody. that's who. nobody good.

and so just make a dumping ground for them all. call it new zealand.

they don't know how lucky they are.

the developed world cannot do business with us.

i don't know how things are overseas.. but i've never experienced anything as bad as things repeatedly and reliably are, here.

i did not know the lengths that people would go to (repeatedly violating the laws) to prevent me enrolling and completing university qualifications...

previously i has my work acknowledged here. but on my return not. i suppose they let me speak before when they thought i was rubbish. now they know i am not rubbish i see how determined they are to prevent the development of new zealand. and to prevent my leaving.

it's the thing about matrydom. it isnt't that i am sanctimounous or insufferable or whatever. it's that i make people feel bad that i don't partake in their crimes. that's what they need to feel accepted or acceptable or good about themselves the choices that they made. like the nazi who murders and then needs to see others murder becuase they feel they can relax in tehir company amongst peers or whatever.

there are good people in the world... somewhere. i'm sure of it. most people are 'adaptable'. we know what that means. opportunisitic. psychopathic. the ability to display one face to the world and behave quite differently.

i see why health system is a joke. the idea of it. what sense can we make of it in lands where peple are opportunistically taking what they can at everyone elses expense whenever they can. what sense can we make of helping the less fortunate or the vulnerable. it's all just names we give to targets we choose to exploit.

nobody wants to live like this...

look at the mess that they've made.

development is default trajectory.

look at the mess they keep.

look at their tyranny.

they refuse to uphold the rights of the people which means their authority is illigitimate. they violate the rights of the people. that means they have no right to rule.

we don't actually have leaders or rulers.

look at all the human rights violations...

it is a world war. that's for sure.




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