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Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets

Posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 12:42:03

In reply to Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets, posted by sigismund on December 18, 2020, at 22:01:12

Nowhere is looking good, right now.

I didn't get in to Brown.

There was a cartoon... You know the woman's rights one with the woman flexing her bicep? The cartoon depicted a hispanic woman doing that while having a vaccine saying 'we did it!'.

Health systems have a long way to to around the world...

Healthcare workers thinking they are entitled to skip the cue.


They have access to the very very very very best of the PPE and there's no evidence that a vaccination prevents one from passing the disease between people.

I do think it is the form modern biological warfare has taken. People aren't so happy to go to war as they once were. Dying for some ideology that requires them to give up their lives so that those with every advantage can have still more and more and more and more and more...

I don't think the cullings are quite done, yet.

And the re-distribution. That has people's 'summer homes' or 'weekend homes' empty for most of the year. Hotel apartment rooms empty for most of the year. While homeless people... Well... HOw bolshy do they need to be before they get to have a roof over their heads?

The problem isn't that there isn't enough. The problem is that we refuse to distribute things more fairly.

Politics is a dirty ugly nasty horrible business that makes me feel like shooting my face off. That's what they say... Tis a nasty business. Stay the hell out of it. Away from it. Hard to do that when they hoard up all the resources, don't publically advertise places, don't process applications for various things. Don't hire competent people. Don't do the things they are supposed to do...

Nothing works in NZ becuase nobody does the things they are supposed to do. Nada. Zip. Where are all teh theses? Where are all the journals? Where are all the research outputs? There's nothing home. There's nobody here.

Masses and masses and masses of slaves.

We don't believe in slaves. What do you call it when you take brown people from neighbouring islands and have them labor on your summer plantations for less than minimum wage living in appalling conditions that spread TB and the like? What do you call that?? When their visa depends on their employer so they can't leave. What do you call that?

There's none so blind as those who will not see. Or, as China has said recently: 'may as well have your eyes poked out'.

I'm working through Kahn Academy content online. It's pretty good. Clear and the like. Will aim to finish it. Most of it's there. The foundational stuff. Engineering would be a good sort of a degree to have. Not from here, obviously. But materials rather than politics. Politics is a dirty ugly business full of people squawking in an attempt to justify why they get to have all of the stuff.

What do we want?

Payroll systems. So we get to have this thing called 'money' that we get from the world bank etc.

Secure software systems. Stock exchange.

Then why not enrol the people with the capacity adn graduate them and give them jobs so they can get on with doing the things they are capable of doing?

Medicine. We want medicine.


Computers. Cars. Televisions.

All the things... All the things we want.

Why do we refuse to contribute to teh cost of production?

This basic f*ck*ng inability...

Too many tyrants. Too many chiefs. Just sit about singing their praises all day. Oh mighty chiefton lord how happy I am that you are Royal and you have all of the things.

Yay you.

Just look at how quickly we move backwards...




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