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Re: development is the default trajectory

Posted by alexandra_k on December 18, 2020, at 4:38:53

In reply to development is the default trajectory, posted by alexandra_k on December 18, 2020, at 4:29:42

i remember when i was young. when i was an undergrad. grad studnents were saying that there weren't any jobs for them on graduation. in the universities. the senior people had tenured jobs but there weren't very many tenured jobs and people who were in them wouldn't leave them until they were dead, basically, so there weren't any jobs for anybody else.

and then you go forwards 10 years or something and some of those people died. and they got replaced by younger people. and the younger people are all like 'hahahahahhahaha we have the jobs now and we will have them until we are dead, basically'.

so you have this case where people wanted what they had. they didn't want a fairer system. they didn't want to be part of producing or making one. they just wanted to be the ones to strike it lucky or whatever.

and the universities get to be populated with people who will do anything for the job. to get the job. to keep the job. even if it means refusing to sign off on anybody else. so, you know, we think that there is only one microbiologist in the whole country so only one person who could do that job. nobody else has their application processed. there isn't anybody else. there is no alternative.

we don't have any journals... well, we have one medical journal and that's it. lovely journal it is, too. where people document their war crimes. only there's no war. so their peace crimes. crimes against humanity, i think you call them. the 'we've been getting medical studnets to write essays about how they feel about doing cervical smears on women without their consent for the last 8 years personal confessions of how they knowingly do wrong or how they believe rape is acceptable or whatever... just collecting that information up so we can write them wonderful glowing references for the jobs they will go on to do out there in the world... our wonderful graduates that we carefully selected to throw money money money at us how proud of us we are of them how we love to refuse to sign them off becuase we don't have or want doctors and there is no alternative'.

we have one journal for that. so, you know, people can write things like that and that can accompany them if they apply for work overseas or whatever. a sort of a 'this is the only publication they would allow me to write' situation whereby they will only allow you to commit atrocities. because of the whole 'there is no alternative' thing.

it's pretty bad. i can't really imagine things being much worse, honestly.


i'm getting my health record. in september. the 7 days they kept me involuntarily detained in a seclusion room for the first couple days. without a psychiatric assessment. conditions of torture i do believe they call it. it's okay because apparently a ''psychiatrist'' was coming to dangle his fomite at me which makes it okay.


another pay-out for me.

and we look at refugee status / asylum seeking, again.

because the government refuses to hire anybody competent.

because competent people cannot function here.

i mean, why would anybody want to blow up the universities?




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