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they say you shouldn't policiticise public health

Posted by alexandra_k on December 18, 2020, at 4:23:36

In reply to Re: prophet mohammed, aussie war vets, posted by alexandra_k on December 18, 2020, at 0:20:54

but it's a political thing, how it is, that political decisions make people sick.

know why people are homeless? because we want them dead. we want them to curl up and die, already. that's how come some people don't have stable houses. that's how come some people don't have habitable houses. that's how come some kids are raised in mouldy houses where landlords carry out 'dose dependent response' studies of the progression of their asthma and fungus-on-the-lung conditions and so on.

we just love babies -- the way that Harry Harlow just loved baby monkeys. babies are so wonderful. why would you want to be a pediatrician in a country with the highest rates of child abuse in the developed world? there's only one answer to that. especially when you dangle your dangly fomite tag about your groin or your breasts so it would be rude for anyone to stare and try and figure out whether the photograph on your dangly tag matches your face or whether you are even registered.

i think mask wearing was politicised from the earliest stages... when was it? October of 2019? when people from Hong Kong were saying 'wear a mask, stand for rule of law' when the people of Hong Kong were being gassed by the Chinese Government. That was about the time when it would have been sensible to have brought shares in gas masks.

how will america immunise all the illegals? apparently they don't know how many there are. 10,000 in the state of Rhode Island? 20,000? if they don't have bank accounts and they don't have drivers lisenses then how will they get immunisations? how will they clean your houses and cook your food and so on?

it doesn't really make any sense to say about politicising public health. it's intrinsically political.

the will to live. or the will to die, as the case may be.

this idea that people have that there are too many people.

too many people trying to steal your stuff... life's just a nasty squabble of everyone trying to steal everyone's stuff...

in NZ someone threatened to blow up Dunedin. The uni. The polytech. Graduation ceremonies. Apparently they threatned to do worse than the mosque terroist shootings. People wonder 'why'?

Well... Why do you think?

I mean... Why would someone want to blow up a place that doesn't process applications, that doesn't process students work, that doesn't process completions. A place that fires or lays off more and more and more academics until the only ones remaining agree, basically, never to produce any work or sign any studnets off... A place that only agrees to sign off on studnets who agree to pay bribes and so on. Why would someone want to put an end to all of that? Why would someone be left feeling disgruntled that they invested any portion of their life or time into that hell-hole of a place for? I mean... Why?

Why on earth?

Nobody has any idea...





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