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Re: So, Trump's gonna pardon self,lawyer, son-in-law..

Posted by alexandra_k on December 5, 2020, at 0:10:32

In reply to Re: So, Trump's gonna pardon self,lawyer, son-in-law.., posted by sigismund on December 4, 2020, at 18:34:24


our prime minister is much beloved and hallowed be thy name. she chooses to share her power with the greens -- even though she need not becuase she won the election outright all hitler-like.

our election budget is $25,000 per candidate. Which is admirable because it means that anybody, anybody, anybody at all can stand. It is affordable like that -- see?

But we don't have regulations on donations. So some candidates get lotsa money from the milk people or the alcohol people or the horse racing people or the gambling people or the coca cola people or the oil people or the waiheke island (we pooooooooooooooooor impoverished rural community who needs allllllllllllllll the things in the name of equity we like long island or marthas vineyard we like rural australia pooooooor rural us boooooo heeeelping you helping you helping me!!!!!)...

so our prime minister gives the kids a lecture on how what's special about her is not selling out to the values she was taught as a kid...

but all the elected people take those donations. and he who takes mostest donations wins. so... there...

when you look at our list of international businesses that got hand-outs because of covid (including coca cola) you see where our present government (her by majority so her responsibility) got it's hand-outs.


there was something i saw about how the... maybe the chief prosecutor?? of rhode island said that her prosectutors were not allowed to eat at certain restaurants in rhode island.

that was becuase there was a culture there whereby you would go to eat... and then you would go to pay the bill... and you would be told that the bill had already been picked up by the lovely wise-guy over in the corner there... and so it was a really impossible situation for public prosectors to be perceived as not on the take if they were to frequent the establishments where that kind of thing happened. Because once it's happened you feel a debt or an obligation or a duty or whatever to repay things somehow...


whether Trump was right or wrong that there was something wrong with the election he owed it to his supporters... He owed it to democracy... He owed it to republicanism... He owed it to Biden... He owed it to his opponents... To do everything he could to make sure that the election was true and fair to the best of his ability. He owed it to the people to challenge an outcome that went against him to the best of his ability... Even if he was fighting a losing fight he owed it to try. Like an Olympic Athlete who is destined to come last in the class... He gave it his all and nobody could fault him for that.

that was him doing his job.

So... Everyone is agreed: Biden it is. For the next however many years.




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