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Re: corruption

Posted by alexandra_k on November 24, 2020, at 17:08:28

In reply to corruption, posted by alexandra_k on November 24, 2020, at 16:59:08

I have felt for a while (since my return) that the things I learned about in psychology were used for harm / ill effect / as a form of torture.

I remember the things I learned in cognitive psychology and the like.

I remember that quite a few people were interested in organisational psychology. Management.

I see that it is these people who have taken over the Universities and the Government. The people who learned about the behaviorist techniques of how you get chickens to peck keys when you keep them in conditions of deprivation. How you force compliance. How you apply these techniques in marketing and so on. To get the people to buy what you want them to buy and so on.

They didn't have the vision of Skinners Utopia so it's a much more dystopian 1984 sort of a vision with people being pickled in alcohol and with the decisions about what people were going to get to do / be on the basis of their early conditioning. 'I am the daughter of the chief tribal leader of the white people in New Zealand! I am destined for ALL the things!!' and so on.

'I'm so glad I'm a gamma baby! I just get to lay about on disability all day while cheif executive chiefs and managers managers managers all get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure no meaningful work or employment or anything anything anything at all for me!'

It's about hostage negotiations.



What's that? NZ wants more international students to abuse? MOre tourists to scummy scummy scammity scam scam scam? MOre tourists to sell dodgey camper vans to and rent more cold accomodation to and the like? Continually profiting / profiteering off of the fact that people can't be bothered spending the rest of their lives seeking 50c worth of justice... It's just not worth doing business with / in New Zealand. So... Close the borders, then. Close the borders.

Tehy aren't processing visa applications, apparently. Lots of overseas people are saying they pay for visa applications and they take the fees and they sit unprocessed. Or they move them from one building to another and say the fee is gone now.

That's why Jacinda Ardern was so pleased about the whole how we handle Covid thing. Because of the number of visa applications that were received. Teh amount of money the government got for our reputation. The people who trusted the visa applications would be processed.

Mostly they were not processed.

Its not worth doing business with us.

Suppose they do process the visa -- then what? You think they are actually going to give you the qualification or pay you for the work you have done?? Hahahahahaha.

It's not worth doing business with us.

Close the borders. For teh international community. New Zealand won't comply with international standards. So it's locked out of the developed world.

Good people can't do business with us.

So there we go.

I am afraid.




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