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Posted by alexandra_k on November 24, 2020, at 16:59:08

i didn't know how corrupt things were in new zealand. i didn't know that if you weren't bullied into compliance by psychological techniques then you would be physically forced into compliance.

i didn't know / properly understand how this country imprisons people when they haven't done anything wrong. before a trial. before a medical assessment. imprisons them first and then makes things up to retrospectively justify.

i didn't know that most people believe the rules don't apply to them. most people belive they can just do whatever they want. most people just do whatever they want. or they are the victims of those who do whatever they want.

i didn't realise the extent of the government sanctioned child abuse. stolen generation. people taken off of their parents. put into state care. the pages and pages and pages of chief executives and managers and so on and so forth. The millions upon millions of dollars that the government chooses to give to these chief executives and managers and so on in order to abuse children.

At the moment there is a thing about how we have the highest population grown rate in the developed world but the lowest building rate. The Government didn't borrow as they should have to have kept up with infrastructure.

And then about the interest rates being low for borrowing so people use their house as leverage to buy a second house as leverage to buy a third house to buy... To buy up all the houses. Then the lack of government legislation and the lack of courts enforcing the rules means you can create slum after slum after slum after slum.

Like locusts tearing through the land. The prices keep increasing and the government ensures that they put people in who would drive the property values down except that the government keeps sanctioning rent increases keeps sanctioning rent increases keeps sanctioning rent increases.

I've been evicted because they want to turn this building into a state sanctioned boarding house slum for teenagers. Initially it was marketed at up-market. But they populated it with unsupervised teenagers right next to the red light district. But no matter how bad the crime rate gets the government will keep paying more and more and more money to the mangers and the managers managers and the chief executive of the managers and his chief executive of the subsidiary he set up to rent houses from the manager of the managers manager and the government will keep increasing the rents that it pays becuase property values just keep going up -- see?

How much money the government chooses to spend on making sure teh chief executives and the managers keep the vulnerable children in substandard housing... In accommodation where 'youth workers' will bang on their doors all day 'bangity bangity bang! Let me in! I'm a youth worker bangity bangity bang!'

Those paid to uphold rights are the biggest violators and offenders.

You argue with a fool for long enough and you wonder who the fool really is.

This nation is a concentration camp island. Who is in prison and who is out of prison is mostly back to front and upside down.

I suppose it is the ideal location for the world to send it's criminals and the grossly incompetent.

Teh trouble is the people keep breeding.

I didn't ask to be born.




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