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Re: garbage garbage garbage

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:16:40

In reply to Re: garbage garbage garbage, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 15:04:09

carrots potatoes cabbages...

i will go to the gym and write my essays.

i think what i am thinking about the fact that there is this american doctor... who was prioritised for entry to new zealand while new zealand cizitens couldn't come back yet because there wern't enough places in quarantine...

i think what i am thinking about the fact that she keeps singing the praises, keeps singing the praises, keeps singing the praises of new zealand's covid response... is

good for her.


genuinely and truly. good for her. that's terrific. if she's being genuine... if she's actually valued here. if she actually feels that people hear her here and didn'dt hear her before. if she feels genuinely like singing the praises of here.. if perhaps she did not have very nice experiences of her time in new york before... then good for her. she's managed to obtain a life for hself and her family that she feels is better here. and so good for her. genuinely.

and so i need to focus on what is good about that.

people don't care about me. they don't care about what i've been doing. they care about what i see in them that i think is good or valuable or worthwhile. because people often feel pretty badly about themselves. about whether things have merit. about whether there is any good in the world at all... so if you see things you think are good and you can sing about them then you really really really relaly relaly really really should.

so i should focus on the things that i like with my essays. and try and keep minimal the things about why i don't have transcripts (GPA) this year and why i don't have test scores... because the worlds f*ck*d up and everybody knows it. i can say briefly about things i guess and it is hard to figure how to do that. but mostly they just wnat to hear that i like things about them that they like about them, too, and the things about me that i think they will like. why i think i wll be a good fit. why i know i will be. it's scary because i've been misheard for so long. but that's because i was not a good fit, here.

i feel so heard it's scary.

they've waived the calculus requirement for pre-med. tehy've waived the biochemistry laboraty requirement for pre-med. they've waived the medical entry test for med... and made step one pass-fail with respect to it's significance for the match.





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