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Re: Baldur's Gate

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:34:18

In reply to Re: Baldur's Gate, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:17:29

> I really couldn't be more unhappy here.

And of course someone will read that and take that as an invitation for them to mug me or rape me or murder me or kidnap me or whatever. Because that's how people do.

I'm just getting garbage output from NZ, again. Garbage output from teh lawyers. Just complete garbage. Just that garbage... That the Universities were doing before. Teh garbage that they do when they refuse to process. It isn't that everything grinds to a halt. It's that there's a furious flurry of garbage that's generated or outputted.


I suppose I am supposed to think of it as an opportunity to work through stuff.

But it doesn't feel like that. It feels like trying to walk with someone where they insist on walking at 1/8th normal walking speed because actually the whole point of them is to ensure that you never get to your destination.

That's what writing a thesis feels like. You write it. Then your supervisor goes through and crosses out everythign you wrote and replaces it with everything tehy want you to write. So you go through and take you out and put them in. And then they start disagreeing with what they wanted you to say before so they start crossing themselves out and replacing it with new bits. And so you just take their dictation and cross out what they said and put in the new things that hey said... For how long, again? 10 years? Before they agree to get the work that they wrote for you to externals...

At which point teh externals get the work and think to themselvs 'oh dears, how long has this person been slaving on this work for?' Then they (especially if they are from NZ) go through it and say to take out this and that and the other thing... ANd to say this that and the other thing. Then get a refernce for this that and the other things. ANd they go through adn take the supervisor out and replace it with themself...

Then that goes back to the University. So then the studnet does what the examienr wants. So then teh Supervisor has a tantrum that teh student isn't allowed to do what the external wanted. Teh studnet can only be a mirror reflection exact copy of the supervisor only!!!!

So the people all agree the studnet will never be signed off.

No work will be produced.


Unless its such crap that nobody can be bothered interacting with the student anymore, of course. I mean... If it isn't fun for you re-writing teh studnets work maybe you'll sign them off becuas eyou want to see the back of them.

Once you are fairly sure that nobody else will work with them either.

It's the way of getting to the top. Being the best. Gunnign everybody else out of it.

It's what happens when they hire people who aren't engaged in research to supervise research. Who ensure that no research is done on tehir watch.


So the courts...



I'm wasting my life in this hell-hole.

People don't want to get with teh programme. They took the low road to growth.

They select the morally corrupt kids for med. The kids who have established history of cheating on examinations and paying those companies who give you the answers and so on. I think it's disgruntled Auckland employees and the like who sell the Auckland contents to third parties because Auckland doesn't pay them or whatever... So there are these third party things where some kids are being given teh asnwers to various questions and the like...

So they select the kids they know they can take to court later... Tehy can hold them accountable / responsible for their cheating. Most recently someone changed their transcript. That's why Otago started supplying them online. To try and encourage the studnets to falsify teh transcript.

Then, when they do, you take them to court. They are prnounced guilty. So then reputable places overseas will never hire them. So then they are forced to stay in NZ. So then they are granted name suppression and they are granted regisrtation and then they work the jobs nobody wants (there there feel better there's nothing I can do. Hey, want to buy an immunisation the government gave me to give to high need people that I decided to sell to the higheset bidder? Flu vaccine for you for $50??) Or... Otherwise... There is no job.

NZ intentionally sets people up to fail only.

I didn't falsify my transcript. That's why teh Universities started falsifying my transcript. I didn't cheat on my test. That's why they didn't grade my test.

The system went into meltdown.

There's really nothing here.

Most of the world. I guess.. It's just a sham...




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