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Re: Baldur's Gate

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 14:17:29

In reply to accent, posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2020, at 1:07:25

Surprisingly deflationary.

I suppose it was too hyped up.

I think it is probably true that a large part of the appeal of things like Fighting Fantasy books and Dungeons and Dragons and things like that, for tweens, was the dark elements. They were truly scary. Frightening. Evil. The evil aspect. Like on Harry Potter... Part of the appeal was that element. Scaring or frightening people was part of the sales pitch.

There was a bit of a thing with World of Warcraft... There always was less people who wanted to play as Hoarde. People are drawn to being good. In any game... In Minions of Mirth. The aim or idea or ideal was to have 2 starting factions. And they divided them along the lines of light-dark or good-evil. And people might dabble a bit in the evil or the dark... But mostly people want to be good. More people would play for more time as alliance or as good. People just... Want to be good. They do. They want to be the hero.

But then people are d*cks and steal the loot etc...

But still, they don't go be a shady character on teh evil team being explicitly evil... It's narrow opportunism.

Anyway... The whole evil pitch with Balder's Gate was just another evil pitch like there have been many evil pitches before...

With World of Warcraft there was supposed to be some big reveal that would make sense of them so they werent' just senseless evil. But then it turned out that there wasn't a sense that anybody found convincing or compelling and it was just a senseless genocide. And players didn't like feeling that they were joining a team that was senselessly genociding the night elves. Teh elves ffs. Awwwwwwwwwww teh cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute little elves. Ya big bully.

The court things are coming up. The lawyers are... Trying to confuse and obfuscate and delay and...

And I think it is a terrible thing that NZ refuses to prosecute corruption.

Auckland is trying to have the case thrown out before it starts.

I think they should have liability insurance. Then the insurer can go after them with respect to them being malevolent and not merely negligent. ANd with respect to them having refused to sort things out internally which resulted in the $30,000 of court case costs that it will likely cost them.

Otherwise.. Seems to me mighty negligent of the counsel to have never advised them to take out liability insurance in case they were sued. It's obvious that the University would be sued at some point. That's why the whole 'limited liabilty company' thing and that's why U Chicago didn't want to be too involved with this site -- right? Because they didn't want all the people pissy at Bob coming after them... Yeah... Clearly... Fair 'nuff...

Anyway... We'll see.

I'm going to go to the gym and put them out of my head as much as i can while I finish off my essays...

I really couldn't be more unhappy here.




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