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Re: From the scene of the crime sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2020, at 6:03:27

In reply to Re: From the scene of the crime, posted by sigismund on September 15, 2020, at 23:37:07

> The UAE is a slave state, for the non arabs?

I don't know.

Shall I tell you about the delusion that I developed? After 2 weeks of isolating myself in a bubble of 1 in our second lock-down. I was working on the integrated document for the courts about the University of Auckland refusing to process my application to Medicine...

I started to feel like / it started to become like the helecopters associated with the hospital were doing poison drops. I maybe started to hallucinate. Or read too much into the fog that would come over the land in the evenings... But I started to think that they were intentionally trying to poison the masses with nerve gas or who knows what. We (those in the know, those following public health advise) would have their N95 masks... Their 3 layers of bedding... To create an oxygen chamber for themselves in their beds at night to try and get enough oxygen to not smother to death in their sleep while avoiding the build up of the latest generations of biological warfare agents being dropped from the skies...

The underground... There is a system or series of chambers linking various hospital buildings underground. It isn't far-fetched to suppose there is something of a bunker of sorts. A refuge. In times of war. That's how come they bomb hospitals. For the bomb shelters underneath. The political people who are wanted for their crimes against humanity choose to hide themselves in bunkers under childrens hospitals and the like. There are tunnels underground linking various University buildings to the hospital buildings. To the anatomy laboratories. To the morgue. Etc.

I started to think I could hear screams in the night. I started to think they were chopping up bodies under the ground and you could hear the people screaming. People drunk on the power of their own unlimited power. People in some frenzied Dionysis... Drunken Orgy God... Sawing up people to... To feed them to the cattle.

Contamination of the food supply chain. The heavy heavy trucks. The trucks that are too heavy to be on the roads. But the cheapity cheap cheap cheap driving contract means that people will drive the heavy trucks on the roads ruining them. Over the briges ruining them. Driving their trucks of medical contaminated sewerage to feed it to the animals to feed the animals to the people... The weird contamination of the supply chain... Human excrement sprayed on fields as fertiliser... The mass contamination of everything by people drunk with their own unlimited power... The demented laughter of them drunk with their power...

I could hear them in the small of the night.

I could hear them and their bone saws.

I could hear them from deep under the ground.

There's a building in the ''Domain''. It's a park by the Hospital in Auckland. It's like some Medical Doctor Drunk with power... There's these greek statues that are trying to look classical and classy but they just look arrogant and pretentious...

The Museum building...

I don't know how or why...

I was looking for a place to practice yoga during the lock-down. I was getting to yoga. Sun salutations, particularly. The combination of forwards bending and backwards bending was seeming to straighten me out somewhat. There was low-lying ground I could do yoga on -- but why practice yoga in the swamp? I hiked up the hill to the museum and since it was closed with the lockdown practiced some yoga on the steps there, overlooking the water...


After the delusions / hallucinations of the morning... I walked with fresh eyes.

I was worshipping the sun.

Doing sun salutations on the steps of the museum.

The museum building overlooks a war memorial. Is there a mass burial underneath the war memorial? Are there piles of bones there? I could hear rumbling in the ground.

I looked at the frieze pattern around the museum building.

The official line is it is classical greek.

But no.

I'm thinking Egypt.


The drunken God... Bacchus??

I'm thinking worshiping the sun...

I'm thinking...

I'm seeing...

I'm seeing frieze patterns of slaves. I'm seeing men being kept as slaves. Them with shovels. Shovels to... Bury each other? Shovels to dig out the underground chambers under the museum?

What kind of burial mound... What kind of weird tomb? What kind of sick f*ck*ng sick f*ck*d up ness is there in NZ???

What kind of sick f*ck*d up ness is there behind the practice of Medicine and Surgery in New Zealand?

That was the nature of my lock-down delusion / hallucination.

And also elements of Baulder's Gate III. How the studio was saying they wanted to show the world what an evil party could be like.. Because there was criticism that Critical Role etc always play the heroes and nobody knows how to play an evil party without it simply imploding. What is evil? So they developed the game and wanted people to play the beta trying out evil options...

And because Cohh... Took his son... IN the night... LIkely without his wife's permission... His son called 'kai' (Maaori for 'food' though I don't know that he knows that) and held him up to the wall of screens in his house to show the viewers... His tiny newborn infant son... WHo opened black and hollow eyes... There's something wrong about all those lights in tiny infant eyes...

Born on TV.

There was something Bubble baby... The Trueman show about it.

Was I born on TV?

My Mother had a TV from before I was born...

Seeing some of the advertisements I saw for products not in our stores yet.

The advertisements from Californian companies trying to teach the kids to be tyrants to their parents demanding toys and things...

I saw those... But I never had those products in the stores...

Horrible nightmares.

When I was in hospital... Briefly. Occasionally... Momentarily.. I would let out a very brief scream of mortal terror. ANd then it would pass.

Not very pleasant.




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