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Re: From the scene of the crime

Posted by alexandra_k on September 15, 2020, at 15:24:37

In reply to Re: From the scene of the crime, posted by sigismund on September 15, 2020, at 14:58:30

That was interesting.

What to do with all the people? All the people... The exponential population growth.

I don't understand how they do the math when it comes to the cost of war and the like. I don't believe them, basically.

There are issues around not being able to scale things up.

So, for example, you can't just go 'there's a whole college of studnets we are sending off to war -- why not open a college for them instead of sending them off'. The amount of expertise and organisational capacity and the like...

The focus on natural disaster within the US helps re-focus the view of the military as being for civil defence. Polite individuals who say 'sir and ma'am' and who have self-control in the face of being taunted by civilians and the like.

I don't know how much military is involved in helping overseas nations develop. Building infrastructure like airports and railways and roads. How much engineering expertise and skilled labor is done (e.g., in Germany and now perhaps in Italy??) by the US military. I don't know.

I don't know how much people volunteer or have some say or some choice in certain things... High risk things. I mean to say. Sometimes things are... Covered up?? Um.. Sometimes people want to end their life but in a face-saving way. Sometimes things turn sour. Sometimes people don't know how to deal...

I know people join the Military for the promised benefits -- that often don't eventuate. Join the Military for 4 years and we'll grant you citizenship was the latest I heard. Some Kiwi ex-pat saying he did just that. He subsequently married a US citizen and has kids in the US and doesn't need to leave. He said he was voting with his US veterans papers... But turns out he was never given citizenship actually and actually shouldn't have been voting.

4 years service for citizenship?

That doesn't seem fair... That seems too good to be true. I would say. But that was what was promised. And that was reneged.

If you join a health insurance plan with a pre-existing condition then you don't get coverage for the pre-existing. That's a given. If you join the military for the family benefits... Well... It sounds like taking out life insurance, really, doesn't it. I'm not sure what to say...

The hospital thing is tricky... Shame on the Mayo Clinic. You should be able to refer people... Somewhere...

I don't know what to say...

It's terrible.

Want to hear a story about here? Universities refuse to process applications to enrol, refuse to examine theses submitted for examination, refuse to grade to international standards (blind and objective) preferring to give high grades to children of doctors and senior officials. Universities here refuse to confer qualifications when conditions for them have been met. Universities here are all public relying on handouts from the government. Universities here are very very very very corrupt and inept. Want to come live here. Want to try and 'work' to advance in this system?




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