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Re: From the scene of the crime

Posted by alexandra_k on August 27, 2020, at 6:54:18

In reply to Re: From the scene of the crime, posted by sigismund on August 23, 2020, at 2:16:53

One can only hope that what he wants is good and that he is a reasonable man.

Trump once said 'I can do whatever I want'. And, depending on what he wants, that may well be true. Of course, he is also probably one of the most accountable people in the world. He's got American Judges doing their best to indict him... And so on...

That first post... The mobile crematorium... It's horrific. I mean... I guess... Context is important. Context is everything. Whether things are done from love or whatever... It's just horrific to think of bodies being put out like trash. Sad. So sad. I mourn the loss of human potential. Each and every one of the bodies housed a person or someone on the way to being self-actualised or ... HOoked into collective consciousness.. Or something...

I am feeling very matrix about things these days... Cogs are turning in my mind. Things are clicking into place, somehow. Becoming woke. I think the kids say.

Game-changing. I don't know...

Feeling like I may get to go off to a school of my dreams... Find people who are like me, in some really important sense. Feeling more connected with the amazing people I have had the priviledge to have met at various points in my life.

It's something about the lines... Or two points. Getting closer and closer and also decelerating.

I had trouble with physics because acceleration was speed in a direction... So if you slow down enough then you change direction?? That was a worry I had...

But if the two points are getting closer and closer and also slower and slower... There is always another point that is closer... Because of what happens with the awful numbers that have decimal places. Fractured numbers... Fractional numbers...

But you can keep approaching and so long as you are going slower and slower space opens up.

Or something.

I don't know about the fractured number thing. But decimal numbers are horrifying. ANd fractions, generally. 1 is neutral (it's okay) for multiplication and divsion... 0 is neutral (it's okay) for addition and subtraction. Hmm.




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