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Re: Amazing stuff sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on August 27, 2020, at 6:31:21

In reply to Re: Amazing stuff, posted by sigismund on August 22, 2020, at 17:24:43

> >Hmm. Slope? Rise over run? (biggest y minus smallest y) divided by (biggest x over smallest x)? Or... A difference in change (y values) over a difference in time (x values)?

> Oh, I see. No one ever said that. It makes some sort of sense.

I'm not explaining well.

Someone drew a picture there, on graph paper. That's how I think of it.

I've only encountered in it in titrations. Ph was on the y axis and time on the x. We had calculations getting from Ph to concentration... Lots of equations there... Molar concentration and... So on... That stuff was pretty hard going first time around. I could do it at home in the quiet on the computer. I couldn't do them in lab with the noise and the people around and me feeling slow and stupid and the weird goggles and the tiny tiny squares on the horrible math paper and the very long decimal numbers on the axis for the graph... And we couldn't figure out the numbers to put on the graph before class so the graph would often look odd because I didn't use the best numbers...

I suspect, using the magic of hindsight that other people were doing a considerably better job of things because their private tutors or friends in the residential halls showed them what they were supposed to produce in the laboratory for chemistry this week... I was in a physics lab once where one of the girls in our group was basically providing for us all what another girl from Carrington had provided for her... Because she felt sorry for us. And because she was picked to do Medicine at Otago so awwwwwwww poor us. Pity us. Give us the answers and you progress. Off you go...

> You are very kind about us. The last 20 years have been too much for me. At least I put my anger into learning another language. I wanted to leave forever.

What language did you learn? Where would you go?




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