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Re: Amazing stuff

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2020, at 18:58:52

In reply to Re: Amazing stuff, posted by sigismund on August 21, 2020, at 14:43:35

> >About withdrawing financial support of Iran...

> Ahem! How about lifting the sanctions? Let them use SWIFT.

I don't know about this. I am learning to count in binary. It is helping me understand counting in... Uh... English? No, that's not it. Math. It's helping me count in math. In base 10. Which is ridiculous.

He said the idea of the sanctions is that some people... When they get money they spend it on funding terrorism. Which, I guess means people who are a threat to peace and security. Which, I guess means people who might bomb a trade centre or blow up a mosque.

Why might they do such things? Because they are led to believe that the US is withholding resources from them, I suppose.

Their own countries... Use the money they have to buy.. Guns and bombs and stuff to get them using them on civilians...

I don't know...

I guess the idea is that money goes to them... And things they want to buy. They want to buy weapons... They will pay money for them. That means jobs for americans if the weapons are manufactured in the US. Jobs for people. Good jobs... Could be. If the government gets the labor laws right and gets a good amount of money...

That's what they choose to buy. Guns and weapons. Of all the things they could buy. They could be buying.. Stethescopes. Or virus testing equipment.. Or, I don't know... Corn. I don't know.

But when they choose to use their money or invest in things that only result in worse unrest etc etc... Then it's probably time to withdraw... Because of opportunity cost. I think Trump means that there are good things in the US that could use a little more money... Maybe... Maybe there are better uses to which money could be put a little closer to home.

I don't know...

He had to twist some arms to get shipping shipping stuff out west. It was easier to send stuff from NY or Chicago or Minnesota overseas / offshore than to send it out West to Iowa. I did not realise that about the US, before... So... Sometimes it seems easier to invest in... I don't know.. Hong Kong. Than to invest in Iowa. But there's likely good people there who would go on to do great things if only they had the resources...

It's hard to match things.

You don't want to over-supply because the cost of excess / waste...

If I do get a pay-out from the courts, here, I need to figure out what to do with it. My Mother put her money (for a time anyway) into bonus bonds. As a place to put it while you make other plans for it... I don't know... I'll need to look into that. And into literally buying-in to a system if I do in fact have the funds to to that. Then that is excactly what that is for. Yeah.

> So the USA has never got over the embassy takeover. There is a sequence, one item never mentioned. I can only think of Mossadegh, Shah, embassy, Iranian revolution, Iran-Iraq war, I forget the rest.

> The Iran Iraq war is never mentioned. Human wave attacks, kids from school sent to the front and mowed down, the desire of the US administration that they should weaken each other. There was a memorial fountain maybe in Tehran for those kids full of red water. That nice photo of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam. never bloody well mentioned. Maybe a million dead.

Hmm. I don't know about these things. I have been doing some US government and policits and world history etc, too... And it's interesting.

I think....

What did they teach me in school? What have they been teaching in University? Some of the stuff, yeah... But mostly I don't feel like I've learned much in the way of anything... I've had a lot of time wasted by people who focused on weird thigns... I don't know...

I play Civilisation 5 a lot. On the Earth map, because it is a good map. But it doesn't have geographical borders or whatever and it doesn't start the civilisations off in the right place and sometimes the resources / terrain is randomised so you don't necesarily get a desert in the middle of Australia or whatever... But interesting to see the migration of people and the civilisations in world history...

I mean... taking a course in it seems... Important, somehow. To have some lasting general understanding in yoru lifetime of world history.

Just... ONe decent course in it. As a sort of a ... General education thing. Yeah.

It's phenomenal how things are available or accessible on the internet. Khan Academy and the AP courses. Wow.

ANyway... The US government and civics one is cool, too.

I sort of independently 'discovered' (in some sense) the declaration of independence in the last chapter of my thesis. Of course just because I've never studied it doesn't mean I haven't profited from talking to people who have.... ANd so on... But to come... Myself.. By way of a process of my own reasoning or understanding... I didn't think a social contract was with a person and government... I thought it was an agreement between individuals. I thought understanding it was the *source* of conscience...


I have to get this judicial review, breach of statutory duty, negligence, maleficence of office, bill of rights?? Claim done by Monday. I promised myself.

There's no Kahn academy instructions on how to file for tort violations.. Darn it...

There's also nothing on how disjunctive claims entail anything anything anything at all (either a or b or c or d or e or f... and not a... therefore anything I choose!!!!!!) 'style' (shall we say) of 'reasoning' (shall we say) employed by the Dean in a reductio ad absurdum of the entire University.




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