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Re: Amazing stuff

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2020, at 18:07:01

In reply to Re: Amazing stuff, posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2020, at 11:15:43

So I finished listening to it...
What he had to say about language was interesting.
How it is a tool whereby everything other than things that make speech sounds on the outbreath are de-animated.
How the question maybe isn't about why is the sky blue.. qualia... the INTENSITY of the experience. yeah. you would think since we have been exposed to the sky for the entirety of evolution that it would be grey or nondescript. But for it to be something inducing fascination and wonder and the intensity of it... That's extrordinary.
Of course you might say (you would say) that it's a by-product of systems or capacities that enable predators to be salient etc. Wavelengths of light etc.
But it was interesting to hear his take on the problem of qualia or consciousness or experience.. And where that took him.

I am very very very unhappy at the moment.
Not because of Covid. My life during lockdown isn't so very different as my life before lockdown. Because I was locked down in this country regardless.

He said about the people in the detention facilities.
About how we all are, now.


I don't understand why this country has always treated me like garbage.
Total garbage.

The learners pretend to learn.
The teachers pretend to teach.
The grades go to the kids they were always going to go to.
The places in the professional degrees.
Teh jobs.
The work.
The money.
The houses.
the cars.
The holidays.
All of the things. All of the things. All of the things.

There's no meritocracy here...




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