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back into lockdown

Posted by alexandra_k on August 13, 2020, at 6:29:06

cases of community transmission in Auckland. not sure how they got it, yet.

so there could be up to 50 or 60 cases out there, they reckon. for there to be community transmission with no known link to people staying in quaranine.

who knows.

they'd been encouraging people to holiday around nz to help with local tourism. so, of course, the family where they found 4 cases travelled to Rotorua and Taupo stopping in Hamilton and then going to secondary school and primary school and two work places around different parts of Auckland...

it was always going to be a matter of time. but they didn't want to say that, i guess, because they don't want people thinking 'well, then, lets just get it over with, then'.

trying to create new normal.

with hand-washing and social distancing and where people have the ability to work from home rather than being forced to have bums on seats.

apparently the politicians want to delay the election. i feel like that's not their decision to make. there should be a process thing, somewhere, about it being authorised under some circumstances. i don't know. like how it's not Nationals' decision to only nominate 2 candidates instead of 5 even if they are unanimous that it's okay. it's not their decision to make. not sure whose decision delaying the election is.

the media have gone crazy. not sure why. picking up on the whole politics vs science thing and accusing politicians of not being scientifically respectable or similar. the opposition asked the media to ask questions about why the government was saying just the previous week to not be complacent and to buy face masks.

and the media was like 'what are you accusing them of?' and the opposition was like 'why don't you ask good questions'.

and the answer to the question is: because it's f*ck*ng obvious to everyone that it was only a matter of time. it's f*ck*ng obvious to everyone that new zealand hasn't had a first wave, yet. that melbourne is only just having one, now. that it's coming... but as usual we are last last last in the world. everywhere else had swamped hospital systems and community transmission and it's just a matter of time...

it was obvious this was going to happen.

so why didn't we just get it over with then?

bodies piling up on the streets... it doesn't have to be inevitable. we could have done the things that were required. washing of hands. social distancing. housing people. paying them enough to buy face masks they will feel okay wearing. something something about a will to live. self-determination.

the universities should be developing a good online medical curriculum. yay.




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