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Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 19:49:23

In reply to Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 19:28:49

Without informed consent there's just assault and rape.

And the kids aren't taught the script of how to ask for informed consent.

So for the physical examinations they aren't taught the scripts in how to ask the patients permission to do various things. Asked in the context of explaining why the doctor wants to know the outcome of whatever.

E.g., I would like to put this around that arm to check your blood pressure so we can check that your vascular system is alright.

I just made that up.

One of the books... Had lists. So you could find one of the freaking phrases that resonated with you. So you could memorise that one. Or incorporate that phrase or mini explanation into your script on how to do a physical exam providing information for consents along the way.


Otherwise it's just being groped by people who have no idea what or why. Which is...

Getting the way of our people having medical care. To be honest.

Apparently they are introducing self cervical smear testing. Apparently they are getting good results from it. Maybe it is self selecting. Maybe the women who actually are invested enough to read the instructions and send the test off actually do a better job of collecting the cells than the average groper. Uh, I mean doctor. Or nurse. Or whoever they subcontract smears out to on a day to day basis.

We have this weird 'people won't do it so you can't let them' super control from the people who are paid to make sure their job is never done. Science advisor not wanting people to wear masks until he says they are to wear them and ideally not wanting them to wear surgical.

They are telling people to run them through their washing machine on a hot wash.

That's what they tell cleaners and nurses and so on to do with their hospital uniforms.

Run them through at home on a hot wash.

I don't think they have any idea that they don't really pay their people enough for them to be doing that. People won't really do that.

Most people run cold washes only. People often don't get their washing machines hooked up to the hot taps. People can't afford to heat their houses. People often have old washing machines. People often have clothes that need washing. They're struggling to keep on top of their clothes washing. They got no time to run special washes for surgical masks. Or to be washing work uniform separately. Run then through the dryer they reckon. Or hang them up to dry. HOw long do things take to dry in humid houses or even humid out-doors? Who has an outdoors? Who has a dryer?

Someone asksk specifically about dettol?

He says 'hot wash through yoru washing machine at 60 degrees with your regular washing powder'.

really? does 'cold power' work in hot water? 'cold power' advertises as the power of a hot wash in cold water. So that means just shove it into your washing machine with your teatowels and your socks -- right?

He specifically says 'not dishwashing detergent'.

Why not?

Why not pour boiling water on it.

Wouldn't that be easier?

Why not take a bucket or a voimit bowl that you might have in your home health kit (your what??) and add a little... Dettol... Or dishwash... and hand-wash. Drying is still an issue... But what's wrong with hand-washing your face mask?



That seemed to be what the questions were getting at. A hot wash in washer is a pain in the *rs*.

But I don't suppose the science advisor has ever done his own washing in his life, so there's that.

I might be being unfair. It's the first time I saw him. I don't like our people the first time I see them. Takes time for them to grow on me. Maybe because it takes tiem for them to relax. It was his first tiem on air, I think. So... He just... You can see his emotional responses to things a bit. Leakage. And his emotional responses to me suggest that he isn't thinking about various other perspectives on things. That he hasn't thought about them. I can see a bit of what he thinks. ANd the things he isn't thinking of that he should be. But of course it's his job to advise the government about best science practice.

And he's come around (reluctantly) to accept that wearing face masks can help prevent community transmission when used in conjunction with other things like social distancing where possible and washing of hands.

I know... It's a very long sentance with multiple ideas and some caveats. It must be very difficult for him...




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