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Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 19:24:29

In reply to Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 19:12:30

They were forced to develop their online teaching.

The things they swore black and blue could never never never be taught sufficiently well online.

The part of the course that involved them all being models for each other so they could practice having a grope and listening to hearts... The whole playing doctor thing... The whole getting to see the young love unfold... As the chosen ones pair off into their breeding pairs to brush up on their skills of physical exam...

It's pretty obvious.

And it's disingenuous.

Because you can't hear anything in that kind of an environment. So it's just a show... For the entertainment and delight of the teacher. For the boys in the class to get skills handling the girls.

That kind of a thing.

So they learn to get in there' with how they handle.

And the problem is...

That if you learn from teh books... Then you know what you are supposed to be doing in tihe sense that you can talk yourself through it.

SO you start by locating the sternum with your thumb. Then you run your thumb down counting the intercostal spaces...

Or whatever.

So you have the script. THen you follow the script.

You don't just sort of have a stab at things. Pick a place and lunge...


So they've started teaching physical examination skills online. Because classes were shut down.

Because the teachers were told: You can teach the kids online or the kids won't be taught at all. You can teach the kids online or I guess you don't take their money for the semester / year and you delay everyone's graduation by a year.

So they moved to teaching chunks of the medical curriculum online. That previously were just excuses for bums on seats wasting up hours and hours of their time so that there was no time left to learn purine synthesis. Or whatever.

So that's good. The move to online learning. The more of it that can be done wiht less personal contact the better. The more it's about knowledge and not emotional gratification and babysitting of elite chosen people who have all the money all the power and no real comprehension of why things feel so meaningless and empty iwth their lives...


I guess I look into what is offered by distance. Reputable courses I mean. It would be nice to visit for an internship kind of a up to a couple months visit. Yeah. That might be nice.

I don't know.

I wonder if they'll choose I die when our first wave arrives.

The ventillators are here apparently.

You are welcome.




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