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Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 18:56:25

In reply to Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 18:29:22

The problem here is that the police don't follow the rules and so the prosecution can't get convictions.

They don't read people their rights so evidence is inadmissable.

They break into people's houses or interview minors and so the evidence is inadmissable.

There was something recently about the reading the rights sort of portion of breathalyzer test being changed from the test result 'may lead to your prosecution' when it said 'may lead to your conviction'. They said the in the police script wasn't the rogue decision of a teenager. It was clearly done by someone who thought they were being clever that they were undermining the drunk driving convictions by making them not able to be successfully prosecuted in the courts. That was an out they provided to someone in the know. A get out of jail free card.

Thats pretty corrupt, huh.

The University Calendar starts up with these fancy convoluted rules that the council and the New Zealand Vice Chancellors committee has decidided upon about all the special requirements and special hoops that teenagers need before the council will consdier them eligible. Because we have progressed from the council just sort of going 'this one and that one and the next one' and we try and make it look just a little like the council has written objective rules they plan to follow (yeah right it's just a pathetic attempt to cover up the fact that they do just sort of pick whomever they feel like).

And so there's all the special hoops and requirements they set for teenagers. But they make it sound like they are the 'normal' and the 'default' routes for entry.

Then they say that people who have attained the age of 20 years may be eligible in virtue of some of the above hoops being true of them. So they may have teh approval of their high school teacher, too, in the form of NZ high school credits. Or, they may have a previous degree, in which case they are eligible that way.

But that last paragraph is bollocks because the Education Act states that domestic studnets who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible in virtue of being domesetic studnets who have attained the age of 20 years.

These extra hoops or requirements to satisfy the council are limited in application. To teenagers.

The only sort of 'special entry' that they acknowledge as special entry to domestic adults is one for domestic adults who don't have previous degrees.

That's because the approved selection criterion for medicine involves them plugging grades into a GPA. So they think they are being clever in basically writing in their calendar that the special group of people parliament intentionally provided the education act to prevent... The council chooses or selects none of them. So none of the people who parliament intended to study professional practice degrees would be eligible to do it.

They think they are being clever.


A couple employees of the Uni told me to appeal it. They said people sometimes get in from lawyers.

That tells me the council is malevolent in it's intent.

It knows what it's doing. It has changed it's decision previously when individuals have called it out.

I guess the police don't hand it over to the prosecutor when the drunk says 'you were supposed to say convictoin not prosecution!' or maybe the prosecutor is on teh take. LIkely that. Likely there. Likely the prosecutor is lazy and incompetent and lucky to have a lawyering job at all.

But his daddy was a policeman or something. So he gets to be prosecution for the police. But to hide the ineptitude they give themselves an out so he's required to prosecute nothing.

Seems likely.

This is why we don't have nice things. Good people can't function.

You spend your life clambering over crabs in the bucket.

What a waste of a life




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