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Re: the great breeding programme of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 13:09:45

In reply to the great breeding programme of new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 12:46:40

The Education Act says that domestic students who have attained the age of 20 years are eligible to be enrolled in the programme they apply to.

The Education Act says that studnets who have not attained the age of 20 years may be considered eligible if... And then the council is given powers to select which of them are eligible so they can set additional hoops.

But I was eligible to be enrolled in Med since I turned 20.

The University Calendar attempts to obscure this. They go on and on and on abotu the various convoluted rules that the council has developed for the supposedly objective selection of which teenagers are eligible... And they seem to have 'special provision' to enrol adults only if they don't have Degrees...

To obscure the fact that adults (who have attained the age of 20) who have GPAs to plug into the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences rank order scoring algorithm...

Are to be rank order scored.

And places are to be offered on the basis of their rank order score.


1) The University mis-advises studnets. It says they aren't eligible when they are. It says they need to do x and y and z to become eligible when that is false information.
2) They set me on a 'do this to becoem eligible' 7 years delay with $30,000 in fees to New Zealand Univerities charged ot my Student loan account.
3) It is not reasonable to expect teh University was ignorant of the Education Act.
4) It is negligent for the University to have mis-trained advisors.
5) My application was (wrongly) declined 2 years in a row teh reason cited 'ineligible'.
6) That decision was upheld on appeal. The Dean of teh Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. THe Vice Chancellor of the Univesrity.
7) I specifically requested by email the grounds for 'ineligible' and the Vice Chancellor refused to respond. He just said I hadn't been selected.

8) Malice. I think it shows through in the responses I was getting fro the Faculty. THey question my mental health that I'm suggesting they act without integrity after they miscalcualte my GPA and say 'even if yo uwere eligible we wouldn't have selected you anyway'. Their Calendar regulations say the Faculty will publish selection criterion. THey did publish it. My GPA is 8.6. They removed it when I cited it to them. Removed it from the website. We have an 'oral traidtion' of laws, no doubt. Just whatever we want whenever we want...

I'm going to ask for 7 years loss of professional career. It's over 1 million dollars.

The University has deep pockets. The Vice Chancellor earns around 1/2 that in only 1 year. To say nothing of the bribes and facilitation payments.

The Vice Chancellor has discretion to oput things like this (wrong) right.

The Vice Chancellor declined to use their discretionary executive power to do the right thing. They want a judge to force them to do the right thing, I suppose. They want thsi to be documented so our internatinal investors know what kind of degree they are thinking about buying. What kind of in-breds they might not actually want their kids associating with.

What am I supposed to say, at this point?

They decide they will force me to do law. Because they decide.

Love what they've done with the place...

I guess it's like the guy who is provoking the military into shooting him. Except that here they intentionally train people to not have impulse control. So when they decide it's time for them to go (when they decide it's time for them to end their life) they can present to the Medical Practioners they chose and they know they will help them when it's their time to go.

That's what it's about really.

It's not sustainable.

That's the game.

That's the game of it really.

Shame about teh collateral damage. But they never did care about any of that.

Teh NZ public are wising up to the Medcial system in NZ being corrupt and disreputable.

There's a guy the other day giving an interview on camera. These kids are fooling around in the background pretending to fall off bikes and playing dead. On the grass. BMX's. The news presenters say (at the end of the interview) 'I hope those kids are okay, behind you' which was his cue to turn his head and look at them and pretend to look like he cares.

But of course he didnt' / doesn't. He gets paid. He doesn't need to look like he gives a sh*t.




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