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the great breeding programme of new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 12:46:40

that is medical admissions.

the children of the elite white minority picked out from High School to be given New Zealand Vice Chancellor Committtee scholarships to stay in the halls with the best residential tutors to be selected in to the professional practice degree programmes...

and the others who paid their way to join them, i suppose. i suppose that is the idea/l.

and in that way there's enough diversity to prevent the worst of the in-bred recessive traits that you get from the arranged marriages that the system is about, really.

and it perhaps wouldn't be so bad if we were selecting from more suitable applicants than there were places available. only they never really had the vision of what it was all supposed to be about... and the don't know it when they see it, even, which is what is not forgiveable, really.

i'm not sure how much Coronavirus is an excuse for governments to get rid of people they select to get rid of.

i guess it's a mechanism for doctors to select who they want to get rid of.

that was the message coming from new york at the peak.

just before the peak there was stuff about cervical smears and incredible invasive physical examinations -- up to the ovaries -- being conducted by groups of medical students in the name of learning when women had been anesthetised for unrelated procedures and without their consent.

there was this bit about how a couple people could make arrangements to arrive after that portion of the class so as not to be forced to participate or be party to it so as not to have that learning opportunity depending on how you view that practice. a way of arranging for them to meet requirements of the class and progress their qualifications without forcing the entire system to stop or change...

it provided a way, i suppose.

anyway... there was lots during the peak of the epidemic about how physicians were forced to choose who lives and who dies.

about how physicians choose who dies.


see... i would choose for my patients to live. and sometimes that objective doesn't pan out for various reasons. they couldn't get a ventillator becuase one wasn't available for them.

but it's never a physicians job to choose who dies.

i get that now.

euthanasia.... isn't for the doctor to decide.

that's what new zealand just really don't do. the people who have power grabbed it. and they are not respectful of others as masters of themselves. everybody is trying ot control other people all of the time.

it's not about communalism or about how no man is an island. I'm not denying any of that. but this blatant disregard that people repeatedly and regularly show for teh wishes of people when we are talking about things going on with their body.

we really are a nation of abusers. physical. sexual.



always: make us.

always this element of that.

'you can't make us'

and people just doing whatever they want thinking that the rules dno't apply to them.

that awful game.




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