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Re: 'Look how great we have become.'

Posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 12:32:53

In reply to Re: 'Look how great we have become.', posted by alexandra_k on August 7, 2020, at 12:15:58

The sims is an interesting game.

I used to play it quite a lot.

Sometimes I got into the spirit of grubbing your way up the hierarchy. Doing what you needed to do to get promoted as quickly as possible to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible...

And there would be a really big bang for the buck on some of those items. A comfy bed that reduced the amount of time you needed to spend sleeping. A refrigerator that didn't give you a 'tastes like refrigerator' debuff and kept your food from spoiling for days...

But eventually your sim ages up and you go: What is life?

Or there's an event. A birthday, maybe. And you go: Who are my friends?

And at some point, later in your Sims like you go: What was it all for? All this money I have. And you realise that the real meaningful and memorable things about it were some of the simpler or smaller experiences along the way. The things you did that werent't contributing to your promotions.

The time 'wasters'.

That was the meaningful parts of the life.

The time 'wasters'.

The things that did not contribute to promotions and the like.

And then regrets that one didn't spend more time living.

And I think: Why didn't they see it coming?

And I suppose they go: Well, how many pleasant life experiences do you have when we have all the money and you don't have a comfortable home or your own transport or...

And actually even though you spent your life contributing to the Univeristy and education and knowldge...

We money grubbity grub grubbed the living sh*t out of it. And our people don't know sh*t about sh*t about sh*t about secure software systems or rockets to the moon or sanitation systems or water treatment or medications or and of the things... Any of the things... Any of the things...

Money grubbity grub grub grub.

Because someone signed them off.

Actually, it's about balance of power. About the sytems that are in place to ensure that people do the things they are supposed to do. People think they know better than the systems. And unfortunately, we often do have stuipid systems so sometimes that might be true.

That's the real thing. BEtter systems. Systems of accountability.

The US.. Showing the world the way...

Athletes speaking up about abuse in sport.
Bribery in University admissions.
NRA not doing any of the things it's supposed to do. Violatiing it's own regulations.

Non-medical mask alternatives.

NZ has only just got on board with that (last in the world).
The science advisor is trying not to have a cow on camera at the thought of people wearing masks without his permission and particularly he's not happy about the thought of surgical masks being available to / worn by non-medial personel. You can see it in his face. He is NOT HAPPY about complying with best practice on the world stage. NOT HAPPY NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The wicked witches.
Don't they see their people are unhappy?
Don't they see their role in that?

Oh yeah. They don't care.




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