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This is a message board for mutual support and education. It focuses on religious faith (according to the dictionary, "the service and worship of God or the supernatural").

Since the idea here is support, please don't pressure others to adopt your beliefs or put them down for having theirs. Sorry, but this may mean not posting some aspects of some beliefs.

Tolerance should be given to all religions that tolerate others, so long as their dogmas contain nothing contrary to the duties of citizenship. --Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762

One of the "duties of citizenship" here is to be civil. Agnosticism and atheism are considered not to be supportive of religious faith. Since these issues first came up, there's been discussion of possible exceptions and specific examples, and these guidelines may still be in a state of some flux. It's a challenge to foster this kind of community!

If you want to support someone on another board and a significant part of your message has to do with faith, please redirect (or post from scratch) that part of it here and then post the URL to the other board. Sorry to make it complicated, but I think the site runs more smoothly that way.

Feel free to search the archives or to check out Psycho-Babble Tips, listings compiled by Psycho-Babble participants of helpful web pages on various topics, including coping with crisis.

If you see a  [new] member, please take a minute to say hi. They might feel scared, and a warm welcome might help them relax and partake. And they'll be more likely to come back!

Don't necessarily believe everything you hear. Your mileage may vary. The only posts I take responsibility for are my own. In a crisis, please also get help in person. It's good to give as well as to receive. What you say may conceivably be used against you. Submitting a message gives me permission to use it as I wish. Please be civil.

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