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simple wisdom

Posted by rjlockhart37 on May 14, 2022, at 21:15:00

i've studied about the underworld, and some books that just tell about end times, i don't have alot of knowedge, all i know is AI (artifical intelligence) will be a main source of control, your going to learn to rely on artifical intelligence, it will become the new world system. Transhumanism, being directly linked to software and databases, thruogh your nervous system and brain. It's a chip that is implanted, that causes artifical intelligence to take over certain parts. They will say it will help humanity, and yes it will, it will eliminate sickness, and improve human abilities. But there is dark side, it ... control humanity,. Now, i wrote that, and if new world order, people read all im doing is writing what i read in books i got at book store. But were soon going to see new world order, things will get so chaotic in the world, then you will see global peace happen, through a new system. It could be a meaning of peace, and stablization over humabity, but its going to control everyone. Anyways, all im saying artifical intellifenxw will curse sickness, but it just....could control humanity.

So, during this time, be wise and pray to god, dont follow false jesus, it a jesus that the world has made, that your free to sin, everyone is welcome into sin, it preaches that everything is love, and there's no judgement over sin. That is the thing, the false twaching, becuse were going to be judged on our works, we have done, everything you have said, wispered, your sins, actions, they are all recorded in your book. The books are going to be opeped on judgement day, and every sin will deteremine if you go to damnation, you have to follow the true jesus, he is the only thing to save you from going to damnation, forever. Ok, bit manic right now, but ask for wisdom. You don't have to be a knowedge database and study all knowedge on earth, you can use simple wisdomm, intution of things that are good, or deception. You can see simple, like what people joke about, their fruits of actions, the colors red and black represent evil - not everything you see those colors are evil, but the main point it does represent evil, indigo - purple also represent new age teachings.

New age, teachings are mainstream now. I'm not going to write, any offending things to people who are envolved, but it's the new teachings to humanity. Be wise as a serpant, but harmless as a dove. Know what is false jesus, and false information, pray to jesus, not false teachings. And, in the bible, it said jesus rebuked evil or worldly things, during this time period, do not do that, we're in a evil age, keep quiet, and be compliant, but don't let corruption get into your soul. That's all i can write, this board is vacant, only my postingsg, but hopefully it will be read on the net. This is ment to save people's soul's, i don't want money, will never write books for money, no admiration, no, know what is truth, save people before they die. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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