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Re: new world - 1

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 14, 2022, at 0:51:32

In reply to Re: new world - 1, posted by rjlockhart37 on April 14, 2022, at 0:30:05

ok....this is the messiest post i've written, it's disorganzed, just read what i wrote. I know it's awkward disorganized, but i wrote this - this may not even be read because this board is vacant, so ill just write all thoughts here we go :

Judgement day, which is going to be a long time from now, but none of the things of this world, the money, the material things, or social status, its going to be your soul, that will matter. Richest person on earth, their soul matters and you cannot take the money, after death. Thimk of it this way...when you die, this timeline, or this world, you leave ... and you go through reviews of your life, and then its determined which way your going to go. I'm not going to preach about people not making it to heavan, no im a runt, i have no therology degree, or well known. But all i know is that we have save you, whoever you are your soul matters and save from eternal danmation after death.

A human life on average, can live 85 years, that's usally the time when the body starts shutting down, or in your 90s. Think of this way, 90 years out of forever, which there is no end. That is what will happen, as christains we have to tell the truth, save people. Your works, in private even when no one is seeing, what you do is recorded in your book. The book is your works, your sins, your deeds, everything. It's in scriputre, what you do in private is recorded, nothing can be hidden. So, that is not to offend anyone, but to tell them, that is what happens. Jesus christ is going to save you on the last day, if you go to him and give up evil ways. Follow the laws of the lord, that was back in the old testement. The 10 commandments, yes those are the laws, thou shall not speak false words, thou shall not hate someone who has more thinggs, thou shall not do conspiracies, etc.

Ask the holy spirit, what is true and what is not, even this blog if you think there falsivity in it, then reject. There doctrines of devils, that will decieve you, and were trying to say follow the narrow path, because it leads to life eternally. God created man, he created the earth, the universe, angels, heavanly places in the universe. But, saving a soul, it's better to do goodness through suffering, than to see them in danmation forever. There are alot of people on youtube that decive people with their versions of christanity. They teach false things, as man will become a god, you can speak thinggs into existance. That is more divination, and magick teachings, that come in a form of christanity. It teaches new age and modernism

Know repent before it's too late, and pray, and ask the jesus to come and save you. Follow goodness, even evil people reading this, your valuable, please turn from your ways and follow goodness. It may be inconvient, and totally leaving behind evil ways, but still your valuable, ask jesus to save you. Turn from evil ways, to be saved. I'm not innocent, i have sins, and i have to pray alot to repent of them. I don't understand this, jesus said i forgive you, but sin no more. I have asked jesus and the holy spirit for forgivenss, but the amount of sins, that keep happening, it feels that i may not even make it, because i keep sinning. Just, repent, and do goodness, if you sin, repent of it, if you keep doing, repent. Nothing in this world will matter after death, you soul is what will matter

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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