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Re: Lou's request-phozdrhey Lou Pilder

Posted by rjlockhart37 on January 17, 2014, at 13:21:28

In reply to Lou's request-phozdrhey rjlockhart37, posted by Lou Pilder on January 17, 2014, at 5:27:17

A. Christ will not save us if we do not confess our sins to him.
- we surrender our lives to christ, and follow him, basically accept him into the heart, and confess the evil things we do, im not trying to be a crazy person telling but, at the end when we all die, i believe concretly there is Judgement day, and that is the part where people must be washed clean so they won't be thrown in the lake of fire, with the devil and his angels. The second what you call it in biblical terms.

B. Those that confess their sins to God, (but not to Chrsit) will not have their sins forgiven and be cast into hell.
-that's controversal, but the new testement in the bible states that Jesus is the one who will clean us of sins, and wicked ways.

C. Jews and others that do not accept the claim by you here, that if they confess their sins to Christ they will be saved from being cast into hell, will be cast into hell.
-that's also controversal, i have no explaination for that, i do know about that. Jews do have a relationship with God as far as i know, but i just don't understand about those who don't believe in christ.

D. The confessing of sins to Christ in order to be saved from hell, has to be done before one dies
-from my belief, and that's only my own belief, not others, on Judgement day, but also to live a Godly way of life, to be cleansed of sin....having holiness of God within the self. Being cleaned of Iniquity or repeated sin.

E. Others can do the confessing of sins to Christ for a person that died before they did the confessing.
-again, my own belief, but from what i've heard, after this life, it can't be done, it's only in the current life, this life where living in

F. Convicted war criminals that murdered Jewish children could be saved from hell by confessing their sins to Christ right before they were hanged.
- cannot speak again on this, the only way i know is being cleansed of sin, but the day of judgement, i guess what the actions where in this life, will be judged...but i don't know if that means they went to hell. Paul murdered people because their belief, yet after that he gave up his life to christ, and wrote lots of the books in the new testement. So you see, he was a murderer, and persecuted them....see that is really a hard thing to grasp

G. The Jewish children that were murdered by the convicted war criminals and had atrocities committed against them, are now in hell because they did not confess their sins to Christ before they were tortured and murdered.
- it was said somewhere, which is not a stated fact, that children go to heaven because they did not get mature in belief. I was born for the first time when i was 4 years old in frount of the whole methodist church, i said, and accepted the holy spirit in my heart. After that it happened again when i was 17 because of horrors of my teenage years of failure and rejection. I stated out loud, for God to save me. It happened twice. I still get horror thoughts that i will not be saved, but i am urgently trying to tell people to be saved, not for mumble jombo, that their souls will be saved. That's what im called to do.

H. Jews that died and that loved God with all their hearts and minds and their neighbors as themselves, but did not confess their sins to Christ are in hell now.
-again, i do not know this, that is vary controversal, because i do know Jewish people have their strong relationship with God. It's vary difficult to understand.

That's all lou, i've awnsered all your question you have asked and i hope they give you insight. And for anyone else who reads the post, this is my personal belief. And to widen insight, and teach the truth.


not a scholar but understand distress.....
"unheard pain, is the told through good company"




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