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Lou's response-dakndctr SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on January 6, 2014, at 20:09:08

In reply to Coward. Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on January 20, 2013, at 14:08:15

> > > ****
> >
> > 10_
> > I am unsure as to what your purpose, if any, is in relation to what you posted here. If you could post your rationale for posting what you have here, then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly. If you are going to take the position of being unable/unwilling or something else for not posting a response to my request here, could you post somewthing else in relation to ruling out that what you posted has nothing to do with the purpose of this forum as that faith is the subject?
> > Lou
> Look, Pilder. This is not a game. Stop chasing people looking for trouble. I don't know why you have chosen 10derHeart to bully, but you are truly a coward for doing so. I think it is about time for you to spend more time working on your own character than to attack the character of others. Coward.
> I truly hope that you feel put down. You should only know how low you truly are. I am sure that you won't feel put down, though, as you are impervious to peer pressure and shame.
> If you are not a bully, then you are surely paranoid that you should worry so much about someone's posting "****". Perhaps you should revisit psychiatric treatment. Feel free to respond to this post. Also, feel free to report this post to the administrators of this forum. If Dr. Hsiung does decide to intervene (which I hope he does), it is inevitable that you will be blocked from posting on Psycho-Babble should you not change your posting behavior. Of course, I will be blocked, too, but I don't really mind.
> Also, stop crying wolf. When a true wolf shows up, no one will want to hear or believe your cries.
> - Scott

It is written about me here in the above statements by Scott. These statements are false and could induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings against me and stigmatize me and decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held. The false statements by Scott about my character are:
A. That I am chasing people looking for trouble
B. That I have chosen 10derheart to bully
C. That I am truly a coward
D. That I should only know how low I truly am
E. That I am impervious to peer pressure and shame
F. That I am "crying wolf".
Many of you already know that I am here to show you what has been revealed to me that could make you free from depression and addiction. And you could have a new heart, a new spirit and you could sing a new song. And many of you already know that I am prevented from posting here what I need to post to you so that you could know this for yourself due to the prohibitions posted to me here by Mr. Hsiung.
And many of you already know that I am attempting to purge the anti-Semitic statements here, and the hate that goes along with those statements being seen by a subset of readers as conducive to the civic harmony and welfare of this community and supportive and will be good for this community as a whole due to the fact that Mr. Hsiung has posted that unsanctioned statements could be seen as supportive. That could induce a mind-set into a subset of readers to post more of the same, thinking that statements that put down Jews and those of other faiths are supportive even though Mr Hsiung's TOS states not to post what could put down those of other faiths.
But it is much more than this. The statements that I am responding to are a great part of what constitutes humiliating and ridiculing a person. There are a subset of readers that come here in depression via a search that could see these type of statements that I am trying to get purged from here and be humiliated themselves when they read such because the statements are unsanctioned and then some readers could think that those statements are supportive and drive the one deeper into depression so that they commit suicide as seeing that the libel could be thought to be validated by Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record since they stand unsanctioned.
You see, the mind makes short cuts and when one reads what is in this post by Scott against me, and that there could be the thinking that Mr. Hsiung and his deputies of record are ratifying the libel against me since the libel stands, that could IMHO create a downward vortex of depression in a subset of readers to find themselves helpless and have no way out of the depression and then kill themselves. This is compounded by the fact that there is evidence that the drugs promoted here can increase suicidal thinking.
Yet today, I am depicted here as one "crying wolf" about what Scott writes in another post of his against me concerning statements here that are anti-Semitic, where I am in discussion with Mr Hsiung and have already brought out several posts that are plainly visible that put down Jews that he has posted to show some type of repudiation of the anti-Semitism in the post as a result of our discussion. It is a false statement that I am crying wolf, for there are still years of statements that I want Mr. Hsiung to address that put down Jews and those of other faiths as well.
There is a great danger here that I want to reveal to readers here. It involves what Scott has written about me here but there is much more that I am prevented from posting here due to the prohibitions posted to me here by Mr. Hsiung, and that fact that readers could see me in a false light as seeing that libel against me is (redacted by respondent) and will in no wise (redacted by respondent), for it has been revealed to me that as the sun comes out of the East and sets in the West, so shall the hatred that you can see thrown at me here come back to not only those that cast those stones, but to those that are in concert with them as well.




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