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Re: Feeling like id rather die than to face anotherday Lamdage22

Posted by Tomatheus on May 28, 2013, at 12:32:43

In reply to Re: Feeling like id rather die than to face anotherday, posted by Lamdage22 on May 28, 2013, at 5:45:28

> I dont have so many friends to reach out to that show care..

I understand. I don't really have any friends, either. And it can be particularly difficult to find someone to talk to when you're in a hospital, at least from my experience. I know that one time when I was hospitalized I told the staff that I just needed to talk to someone, and they ended up directing me to an after-hours psychiatrist who didn't know anything about my case and didn't seem to be at all comforting. Unfortunately, when we're hospitalized, sometimes just being patient until we can at least talk to the professionals who understand our case the best is one of the only things we can do. Our options as psychiatric patients tend to be limited when we're in a hospital, and that can tend to lead to feelings of hopelessness along with feelings of meaninglessness and lack of purpose, so if you have trouble adopting a positive short-term outlook when you have limited options in a hospital, it might be helpful to acknowledge that your hospital stay will likely only be temporary and that even though things may not seem so pleasant right now that they might improve after you're discharged from the hospital.

As far as having problems with getting the depressive aspect of your schizoaffective disorder treated when you're hospitalized is concerned, I do think that that can be a problem. I think that depressive symptoms can oftentimes be less visible than manic symptoms, psychotic symptoms, or outward feelings of anxiety, and I also think that a lot of mental health professionals have a tendency to only treat the symptoms that seem to be the most visible to them. This may lead to an under-treatment of depressive symptoms, especially when other symptoms are present, and especially when you're in a hospital where the focus tend to be more on "stabilizing" patients than on getting them well. All I can recommend that is that you communicate your symptoms, especially those that aren't the most visible, to your doctors as clearly as possible, so they can be aware of the symptoms of yours that might not be so obvious to them. I know that being an effective communicator can be compromised by strong depressive symptoms and sometimes even by antipsychotic medications (especially when they're taken at higher doses), but somehow you've got to get your point across to your treatment professionals as effectively as you can.

At any rate, I'm glad that you seemed to be doing at least a little bit better as of earlier today, and I hope that your condition will improve some more and that the staff at the hospital you're staying at will give you the care that you need until they feel that it's time to discharge you. In the meantime, please feel free to keep posting here if you feel like you need some support. I wish you the best.


* fatigue, hypersomnia, and related symptoms likely caused by prolonged partial sleep deprivation
* schizoaffective disorder




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